Rupert Mordock to alleviate Australia’s climate restrictions

Sydney, Australia: After years of skepticism about climate change and attacks on pro-reform politicians, Ruperdock’s media outlets in his native Australia are planning an editorial campaign in support of carbon-neutral future next month.

Based on the content, Mr Murdock News Corporation’s executive said Monday that the project could be a political cover-up for the conservative Australian government to stop pursuing high-achieving goals. If it continues, it could put pressure on Fox News and other Murdoch holdings in the United States and Britain, which have been hostile to climate science.

But critics, including scientists involved in climate change, warn that the effort could be more than a window that could hurt for decades.

“I was painted suspicious,” said Michael E. Man, director of the Center for Earth Science at Pennsylvania State University. In the next issue of For News and The Wall Street Journal, which continues to promote climate change, these are empty hopes that should be seen as a desperate ploy to restore public image, as Rupert Murdock and News Corporation thwart their attacking dogs. Leading climate malicious. ”

According to news corporation executives, the project includes features and editors for the company’s 24-hour news channel with Sky News. A.D. They explore ways to achieve net zero emissions by 2050: Target in dozens of countries, some global warming is crucial to avoiding some serious consequences.

News executives in Australia have made public their plans for the Sydney Morning Herald. News Corporation and spokesman Rupert Mordock declined to comment on the email.

Paul Whittar, CEO of Monday News, appeared in the Australian Senate to answer questions about misinformation in the media. Climate change has reduced the number of priorities.

“I do not describe it as a campaign,” he said. According to Sky News, I would like to explore more complex issues.

Sky is a far cry from the assets of the news corporation. Last month, YouTube blocked the conservative news channel for a week for violating its coronary virus misinformation policy. Two years ago, one of the hosts called climate change a “fraudulent and dangerous cult led by swindlers and evil desires.”

In many “corporate” newspapers, where strong journalism is often based on an unconventional ideology, often in the form of “commentary” articles, the editorial project has been widely discussed over the past few weeks, often with relief.

An editorial for the News Corporation, which asked for anonymity because it was not allowed to disclose its internal decisions, reflects the company’s growing recognition of the world’s growing commitment to climate change.

The project has been under construction for months, and various politicians and business people have been given advance warning, he said, adding that the move to approve the net zero emissions is a sign that it is endangering conservative partners.

There are newspapers in the capital and in the region for the Integrated Campaign for News Corporation, Australia’s leading news provider. Many broadcasters are now pushing for the VV-19 vaccine to be introduced as soon as possible.

The campaign on global warming begins before the start of a new round of climate talks in Scotland.

Time has given hope and blindness to news corporations of news corporations.

“In fact, this could provide significant impetus for the Glasgow conference in November,” said Jole Gergis, a climate scientist at the Australian National University.

Rich Mercian, director of the Australian Institute for Climate and Energy Programs, is calling for immediate action to reduce emissions.

“They’re really moving from F to D here,” he said. The real danger is that the airline has been slow to respond to climate change without any solutions and long-term goals. If zero zero is not implemented by 2050, there is no point in short-term ambitions and no commitment to stop the opening of new coal mines and gas fields.

Professor Mann said the book, “The New Climate War,” looks at what he calls “inactive” – ​​pollsters, politicians, and the media who are opposed to climate change. Climate events, especially in Australia, the 2019-20 forest fires are no longer controversial.

In an email, he said, “In their efforts to preserve fossil fuels, they have resorted to other methods – delay, distraction, rotation, division, etc.” “Three decades later, focusing on the 2050 target, pushing the canal down the road is largely meaningless. Critics are allowed to continue their business of fossil fuels as usual, allowing them to appeal to the prospects of new technology (carbon footprint, geo-engineering, etc.) on the road for decades.

He has been attacked several times by the News Corporation and Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turbuul has warned that the Corporation will have a long history that will not go unnoticed for a few weeks.

News Corporation’s new commitment is to be trusted only if the company’s journalists and producers stop beating climate change supporters and stop defending conservative lawmakers who oppose climate policy.

“That right-wing populist climate change is the most influential part of the Union, and it’s based on the News Corporation,” Mr Turbul said in an interview. “They live and grow up there. If there was a change, that would be significant. ”

But he added: “I don’t respect them for what they haven’t done yet.”

Yan Huang Wong contributed from Melbourne, Australia.

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