Romeo, Indigo Power Up Battery Technology for EVs – NGT News

Romeo Power Inc. Energy Technology Company, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for complex commercial vehicle applications, has won the first phase of a multi-level business program with Indigo Technologies, driving low-cost delivery for automotive original heavy vehicles (EVs) for rideshare and miles.

Indigo’s full-size, FLOW show car will launch later this year. FLOW PLUS full-size show car launches in 2023 with different prototype test versions.

“Indigo’s Romeo Power choice is a testament to the joint efforts of two simple companies that strongly believe in the development of this new market. “Rome is pleased to be partnering with Indigo and to market its new vehicles for the Rideersher and Delivery.”

Greg Tar, chief executive officer of Indigo, said: “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with our original technology partner Romeo Power. We have a good technical partnership with the Romeo leadership team to develop our lightweight commercial vehicles with advanced battery technology.

“Romeo battery technology is designed for a wide variety of vehicles, including on-road, off-road, marine and stationary applications,” Tar continues. “Romeo’s advanced battery management system (BMS) will be of strategic value to customers, enhancing Indigo’s efforts to differentiate itself from other purpose-built vehicles. We look forward to an exciting future in which we can serve our common customers and be a pioneer in the light weight business segment.

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