ROAR for Good Secures US Patent for Network Technology Hotel Workplace Security Solution |

Innovations for network security systems to eliminate “drops”, blind spots, or leaks have been developed and tested by RARAR team for good engineers over the years.


ROAR for Good, developed in hotel workplace safety technology, has been granted patent by US 11,128,987, which identifies the difference and expects significant technological advancement.

Innovations for network security systems to eliminate “drops”, blind spots, or leaks have been developed and tested by RARAR team for good engineers over the years. The application is currently being rolled out directly to dozens of hotels across the country, making the company’s OnOn Staff Alert Technology a new security standard for the industry.

Rich Nelson, co-founder and vice president, said: “This is an engineering initiative that we have made to keep our customers strong.” Product and hardware development in ROAR for Good. Regardless of the hotel’s WiFi or LED, our system is always reporting information: making it one of the most reliable and accurate location-based terror keys for the hotel community and other relevant markets.

ROAR for Good’s Bluetooth Mesh Network and Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) application provides better performance of the fear button solution by connecting smart BLE network nodes in a secure facility. At startup, these “smart beacons” can send uninterrupted signals to security personnel who respond in real time. The system’s continuous location report (or “Follow me” feature) updates the location in real time, even if the employee moves from the starting point. ROAR for Good does not interfere with the ability to transmit information over the network, patent technology, traditional system maintenance or poor internet connection.

“Housekeepers are on foot all day, providing guests with a safe and comfortable hotel experience,” said Town Chapman, co-founder and chief technology officer at ROAR for Good. From the feedback of many hotel staff, we were able to create a powerful accessory that is an extension of their work clothes. This innovation addresses the effectiveness of partner solutions and raises industry standards as our technology provides the highest level of protection for hotels and their employees.

Between the return and recovery of the historic epidemic-affected business, hospitality and hotel staff indicated that one-third had no plans to return to their pre-epidemic work. They contribute to poor working conditions and stress. According to a study by UNITE Here 1, a guest house industry advocacy group in Chicago, 96% of domestic workers surveyed have a ‘fear button’, especially because of the threat of harassment.

ROAR for Good by HITEC this week in Dallas (Booth # 2525)The company launches a free Roy calculator to assess hazards and vulnerabilities in hotels. The tool is available to hotel operators who want a better understanding of the costs and positive financial implications of related compulsory solutions, as well as their connection to improved employee morale, low turnover, and employee compensation. Different costs can be calculated based on hotel-based standards to identify built-in cost savings for improved security protocols.

Philadelphia-based ROAR for Good is a technology company dedicated to developing safe workplaces. The company’s signature employee safety platform, always on, protects employees with a single touch. AlwaysOn is a first-of-its-kind, and now patented, low-power Bluetooth grid network that provides unobtrusive and more stable communication by design. Built from the ground up with total hotel management and staff feedback, the patent technology is designed to call for help from the right owner.

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