Ring Precision P-TECH was named Business Partner of the Year

WNY P-TECH was recently awarded the Ring Pricing Business Partner of the Year. In the picture, from left, are Stephen Zentz; Carson Regger; Jeremy Bryant, welding instructor; Jayden Cody; McKenzie Lawton; Ring Precision President and CEO Del Gier; Melissa Hems, Ring Accuracy Human Resources; Summer Hanold; Joel Amador; And Nick Anson, CADD teacher.

WNY P-TECH Ring Precision has recently been recognized as the Business Partner of the Year. Receiving the award were MAST President Del Gier, Ring Prisons President and CEO; And Melissa Hems, Ring Accuracy Human Resources.

Representatives from Ring Precision both attended the WNY P-TECH National Honor Society Ceremony, and Giyer served as a guest speaker for Advanced Development. Also, last summer, four WNY P-TECH students worked with Ring, and two students were part of a new initiative with JCC.

Geir, along with William Smoke, WNY P-TECH principal, and Daniel Demarte, president of JCC, have pooled their resources to provide unique employment opportunities for P-TECH students. While students are taking a college course at JC and living on campus at the college’s Hillside Suites, they are able to complete a summer practice with a Jamestown-based manufacturer.

WNY P-TECH Lake Shore top Joel Amadori is leading this year’s award design.

“We have selected student ambassadors to lead the project in the areas of welding, laser cutting, machining and vinyl cutting.” There I was. The students were able to complete the project on time.

Participants include Dunkirk Jayden Cody, Jamesson’s Summer Hanold, Pine Valley McKenzie Lawton, Pine Valley Carson Regger and Dunkirk Steven Zentz.

WNY P-TECH STEM College and Vocational Academy offers a project-based, unique learning structure with special educators working with higher education, business partners and public school districts. Students work for NYS Regents Diploma and AAS degrees in Welding Technology or Mechanical Technology with CADD or Machine Tool from Jamesston Community College.

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