Review: Dyson Omni-Glide

Dyson Omni-Glide-34,900 Rebels


Light and portable
Effective deep cleaning
Omni-direction cleaning
Easy to use


Small attachments are not so ergonomic
Battery life
Not to say carpet
The price is very high


Air watts: 11 aw (eco), 50aw (boost)
Bin capacity: 0.2l
Battery life 20 minutes (eco)
Payment time: 3.5 hours
Weight 1.9 kg.

Slipping through the trash

I want to start this review with a joke – the “affordable” Dyson product is now a reality. What is a fist line? It still costs 34,900 Rebels! But if you look at Dyson’s many Uber-Lux offers on the market right now – this could be one of the cheapest.

Greetings to Dyson Omni-Glide – from the company’s latest deep cleaning equipment designed to make your life easier and healthier.

There were gadgets that were useful at the time before the outbreak and those were luxurious. Then there are gadgets that are useful at the same time after the epidemic and these are important.

Dyson’s new vacuum cleaner is compatible with the second. From his most expensive, older brother, the powerful V11 Absolute Pro vacuum cleaner, Omni-Glid is still an expensive investment.

What makes this new cleaning tool special? You can perform many tasks when cleaning hard floors and it will not break your forearm.

Locks give us all confidence in household chores and perhaps that neutral line will always be with us. The market for dishwashers, cooking utensils, vacuum cleaners has grown significantly. And the Dyson V11 Absolute Pro became a controversial king in the category due to its fictional design, multiple attachments and effective cleaning of various locations.

But it costs more than 50,000 rupees, and is a significant investment for the home.

I have been using the V11 for two years now, knocking on hard surfaces, cleaning carpets and hard floors, taking out my son’s online classroom experiments – all with hyenas. His loneliness made it difficult for young and large family members to use it.

Dyson may have solved that problem with Omni-Glyid.


Less is better

The new Omni-Glide weighs less than two kilograms, features Dyson’s trademark design and color scheme, and looks like a more cool avenger tool than a vacuum cleaner. This search is good for young professionals and small homes with young people instead of spacious villas and businesses – that market may be the property of the current V11. So if you are building your own home for the first time – this will be a vacuum cleaner for you.

The Omni-Glide weighs only 1.9 kg, which is a blessing. If you are familiar with Dyson’s clicks, you know how to set them up in seconds. With the huge number of attachments that come with the V11, here, you only get 3 attachments to clean other surfaces.

Remember, you cannot clean your carpet with Omni-glide because it is only for hard floors. This can be frustrating for some, especially at this price point.

The great thing about the small size was the ease of use. Both my son and my mother can lift, roll, and slide easily for their fatigue and exhaustion.


360 degree cleaning

The main selling point of the Omni-glide is how easy it is to move and this is mostly because of its directional smooth cleaning head. It rotates in all directions, carrying dirt, dust, hair, dust, and food. The power button on the long stick allows you to easily change hands during cleaning if you need to grab a snack, approach an unsafe child, or receive some work calls.

Do not use Omni-glide in wet areas. Otherwise, the engine will take everything in its own way. For young couples with children or pets or both, I can’t adequately recommend this cleaning tool.

Deep cleansing without effort is the biggest advantage of Omni-glide and can be a great asset in the new era of self-confidence.

Battery life

At this price point I am not very happy with the battery life. The small size also leads to a lower battery life and you get about 20 minutes in eco mode and even if there is a special button, if you use Max power mode, this beast will die in 10-15 minutes. So Dyson, if you want customers to pour more than 33,000 reels on a small vacuum cleaner, you have to give them a longer battery life. It may be wise to invest in one of Dyson’s replacement batteries.

To fill the omni-glide, you’ll find a wall-mounted unit that fits seamlessly into any corner of the room – with sticky, minimalist access!

Dyson Omni Glide

How to clean a vacuum cleaner?

Make sure you empty the trash regularly. The janitor simply opens a small container with a button and drag movement.

Final verdict

If Santa Claus is real and I can ask for a Christmas present in advance, it will be an affordable and effective deep cleaning tool for smart, modest homes. Locks make our homes more secure. They have become a safe haven for our loved ones. That’s why products like vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and smart microwaves are so popular in the post-lock world. They help to simplify worldly tasks and give better results.

Dyson Omni-Glid holds packages in high-tech and offers the biggest promise – a clean floor in seconds. If the price was less than 30,000 reais, it would be accessible to a whole new customer market. But if you don’t want to find it, and for now, if you want a clean, non-violent, clean machine, Dyson’s Omni-Glyid will snatch all the boxes.


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