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The following is a summary of current scientific news briefs.

NASA encourages businesses to use the White House for space

White House spokesman Jane Pesaki said on Tuesday that NASA is encouraging commercial companies to use space for missions after a successful flight. Pizzaki also praised 82-year-old Wally Funk on a flight with billionaire Jeff Bezos, saying she was “America’s new lover.”

China announces 600km Magel train – state media

China on Tuesday unveiled a 600-kilometer Magel train, state media reported. The top speed makes the Chinese-built train on the coastal Kingdao the world’s fastest land.

Wally Funk ‘New American Love’

After nearly 60 years of training as a space explorer, Wali Funk became a big man on Tuesday. Funk Mercury was part of a group of 13 women -07-01 Linn In the 1960’s, she became a NASA astronaut because of her sexuality.

Billionaire Bezos’ first space flight ‘doesn’t really bother you’

American billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos said on Monday that he was on the eve of joining the company that was arrested for taking part in the company’s Blue Origin subdivision flight. The world’s richest man and three crew make the 11-minute trek from the West Texas Desert to Blue Origin New Park at 60 feet (18.3 meters) and a fully equipped rocket-to-capsule. The airport represents an important milestone in the establishment of the space tourism industry.

‘The Road to Space’ Billionaire Bezos has a successful underground janitor

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos Blue Origin New Pard 107 km from the Texas Desert 107 km It has risen. She launched a vehicle on Tuesday and returned safely to Earth, a historic submarine that will help develop a new era of space tourism. Accompanied by three crew members, including the world’s largest and smallest astronauts, Bessos said the “best day” was the release of a cloud of dust after the “great day” descended on three large parachutes.

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