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Teen girls in northern Nigeria “open their minds to robotics”

In the northern Nigerian city of Kano, teenagers are learning robotics, computers and other STEM lessons as part of an innovative project to challenge what local girls should do in a conservative Muslim community. Where girls are expected to marry young and their education is often short-lived, Kabara’s non-governmental organization is expanding its worldview through the use of construction machinery, shared software, and math and science.

Russian astronomers offer a video tour of the modular space station

A few hours later, Russian astronauts gave a video tour of the interior of the research module that took control of the International Space Station. Russian space officials say a software glitch and a delay in human attention are responsible for the crash, which left the spacecraft carrying seven sailors at an altitude of 250 miles above the ground.

The Boeing Starliner is ready for a crucial cruise

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner Capplel is set to explode on Tuesday, following a major crash in its first crash in 2019, after a crucial maintenance test flight to the Florida Capitol on Tuesday. Tuesday’s unresolved mission is a prerequisite for a possible human flight before the end of the year. It also shows a key test for US flight space after the crisis – a pandemic for demand for new aircraft and a security scandal caused by two deadly 737 Max crashes – has damaged Boeing’s finances and engineering reputation.

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