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The Russian module-NASA was thrown out of control of the International Space Station by a faulty fire

NASA officials say the International Space Station (ISS) has fallen out of control just hours after the new Russian research module jet fighters suddenly shut down the fort. The seven crew members on board – two Russian astronauts, three NASA astronauts, one Japanese astronaut and a European space agency astronaut from France – were not in emergency.

Russia blames the software crash after the space station was temporarily out of control

Russian space officials said on Friday that they were responsible for software crashes and delays in the launch of the International Space Station. Jet shouts at Russia’s Navuk Research Module unexpectedly reopened on Thursday, shutting down the entire orbit station 250 miles (250 miles) from the ground, leaving seven sailors on board.

The crash of the space station prompted NASA to postpone the work of Boeing Starliner

NASA announced on Thursday that the Boeing City-100 astronaut Kaplan, which was scheduled to fly to the International Space Station, had been hijacked by pilots and was suddenly working on a newly locked Russian module. The Starliner launch was delayed by a day before the Atlas V rocket was acquired by Boeing Lockhid Martin Corporation at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. According to NASA, the space agency and Boeing have decided to reschedule the launch date to August 3.

The U.S. military has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning US intelligence have been made more than once

U.S. Gov. NASA had to win many awards. The National Bureau of Investigation (GAO) said:

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