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In the digital age, service centers, including call centers and help desks, have become a major channel for interacting with their customers. Service centers have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and organizational performance, so companies need ways to manage their service centers more efficiently, such as directing calls to the right people.

“Role of Behavioral Vision Service Center – Nerdom University Mendoza Business College by Nicholas Verrente, Associate Professor Viola de Hank, and Information Technology Associate Professor, Analysis and Operations Professor of Operations Management Journal. It will be made public. The study focuses on the concept of non-behavior, which indicates a tendency to adapt to the current situation. Social connections, service center agent lines are always ringing as usual.

“In general, this intolerance is more time-consuming and expensive than automation,” says a former entrepreneur who studies how digital innovation drives major organizational changes. Says Verente. But there are some situations in which instability can actually improve the functioning of a service center. If the agent is an expert, or the agent is particularly complex and difficult to handle, these invulnerable behaviors are effective. It is important in terms of effectiveness. “

Ideally, an organization wants to move calls to the right place without spending too much time, attention and money. This leads to extensive automation.

“In many cases, automation is so bad that we can’t completely replace people,” says Verente. “Rather, it is a combination of people and automation. With the advent of artificial intelligence in service centers, it is important to understand each other better. It is especially important now. Services are bound to work with people. Understand when using technology and when people are using it. It is important. “

Enterprises often try to streamline the call center. Call center is based on some key assumptions. First, they work on the assumption that call center agents will follow the operating system guidelines. Second, they generally think that transmission programs are more efficient and effective than human traffic.

“We find that people do not always follow the rules as expected,” says Verente. And if the agents are experts or really dealing with serious problems, this stubbornness can be good.

“For example, a service center referral protocol may indicate that Agent A must transfer the problem to Agent B depending on various factors such as queue length and general knowledge. Wawak explained. However, Cognitive Discrimination Agent A can lead the problem to Agent C. Such driving skills can hinder the performance of the entire service center, but it has been found to be especially useful if the problem is difficult or the agent has a high level of professionalism. . “

The team analyzed the call line to the North American Technology Company’s service center, which employs more than 180 agents, starting with 79,994 calls. We also conducted interviews and site visits.

The paper states: “Recognizing the significant impact of non-behavior, service center supervisors can implement policies that promote the interests of individuals and at the same time limit the results as a whole. Allows highly controlled automated rotation systems and proxy decisions. “

“The point of business is that human decisions are good in some situations, but not in all,” he said. So companies have to set up rotation protocols that make some decisions in order to make turnover decisions, but not much intelligence is good.

The team encourages interaction between agents by focusing on the limitations of the transmission process and its causes and consequences, as well as addressing some of the causes of societal disagreements. It is recommended to save.

Co-authors of this study include University of Georgia Aaron Cheeker and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Aaron Schecter et al, Behavioral Perspectives on the Way to the Service Center Journal of Operations Management (2021). DOI: 10.1002 / joom.1156

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