Rekep Clek Tech # 18 Northwest, 4-2 – Download Texas Tech Red Invaders

Cathedral City, California – Kendall Fritz Restricted No. 18 Northwest (10-4) with only four hits and the Red Thieves (5-10) defeated the Wild Cats 4-2 at the Mary Nut College College Classic on Sunday morning.

Payton Jackson He went 2-for-3 on the plate with one double, two runs and one RBI. Tech has added a total of 6 successes to five different Red Reds, four of which have resulted in RBI.

Red Reds opened the scoring with two runs in the bottom three. Peyton Blythe To double things off, he doubled the lead base and double-headed Jackson Blythe to score. Later Carson Armigo Two runners walk to dress up with two exits, Eli Bailey He identified the center to score Jackson. Armijo ran down to finish the game.

Tech extended their next run to 3-0 with an RBI single. Abby Orrick. Riley Ehlen Destroyed by single and intro Molly Grumbo Initially, he made a mistake by throwing the runner in a bag. Orrick scored on the right and scored on the next bat. Page MindedahlIkhlen was running fast.

The Red Devils extended their lead in the fourth inning when Jackson started her second game in a single game. Armijo was hit by a pitcher to push two runners and moved Jackson to third. Demi Elder, Running to Armstrong, in seconds. Ihlen Jackson brought in a 4-0 lead to hit the left flank.

Fritz (4-3) doubled the relegation’s lead with a two-run home run, but he went wide. Riley love He finished the Northwest march to defeat Tech 4-2.


  • Kendall Fritz She prepared the fifth complete game of the season; She is 3-2 away from the Red Invaders. She won 22 of her last four starts and went on to win just three.
  • Payton Jackson She extended her winning streak in each of the last three games to eight.
  • The Red Troops defeated Texas No. 10 in the 12 big tournaments on May 15, 2021, winning their first win of the season and their first.
  • In the 5th Iningig Tech race, northwest AC Daniel Williams came out on top, making it the eighth run in 59.0 innings.


The Red Troops will return to Lubbock on Friday, March 4 at 6 a.m. for the opening of the North Texas Open. Tech North Texas and South University will host Classic March 4-6 at Rocky Johnson Field in Memorial.

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