RedmiBook 15 Pro Review – Partially good, partly bad

Xiaomi has disrupted most of its focus on smartphones, smart TVs, smartphones and more. It was very reasonable when the electronics manufacturer decided last year to introduce laptops in the country. And to tell you the truth, the Mi notebook 14 line was really amazing for the price. Now, Xiaomi has decided to introduce the Redmibook series to make the laptops more democratic (although similar to the 2020M notebook).

The Redmibook 15 Pro I received for review is priced at 49,999 Rebels and is suitable for professionals looking for an entry level machine. It mainly focuses on performance on the H-series Intel Core i5 CPU and NVMe SSD storage. It also makes many deals, starting with the plastic body. No C: USB port, backlight keyboard or fingerprint scanner.

Are these still too expensive for a laptop with 49,999 rubles or is it still worth buying a Redmibook 15 Pro? During this review, I will try and explain.

Redmibook 15 Pro Review: Design

The Redmibook 15 Pro is a poorly designed laptop. Due to the quality of the construction, it will not be available anywhere from last year to Note 14. The whole laptop is made of plastic and has no premium. If Xiaomi wants to use plastic materials and reduce the cost, it would be a good idea to spend a little extra time and effort to make the device look better. So far, Redmibook 15 Pro has only been used to make Mi notebooks look better (both 2020 and 2021).

Laptops come in a single charcoal gray color choice, which is a welcome addition to the standard black or silver finish that most laptops offer. The machine weighs 1.8 kg and is 19.9 mm thick. The weight is well distributed and the laptop does not feel heavy, but it is not easy. The body is often resilient. However, it ends up leaving a few fingerprints.

Xiaomi has simplified the overall design, taking into account the design experts. It has a Remy logo next to the “Creativity” tag that can be lost to a laptop. The speakers are below.

One interesting thing about the design is the large trackpad that gives you enough space to work. The keyboard also has a strong and elegant style. Overall, the laptop looks durable, but it doesn’t even give you the ultimate finish or feel that the 50,000 rubles machine requires.

RedmiBook 15 Pro Review: Display

I was thrilled to see Xiaomi using a large 15.6-inch display on the Redmibook 15 Pro. People are consuming more content than ever before and laptops are the go-to device for many. The larger display gives you more real estate (even if you don’t want to) to stream content, play games, or work on those PPTs.

However, the display quality used on the RedmiBook 15 Pro is really disappointing. I didn’t expect Xiaomi to cost me a laptop, but the Redmibook 15 Pro screen is great. There are many issues to consider. For starters, the RedmiBook 15 Pro has really tight viewing angles that make it very difficult to see anything on it. Even if you turn the screen over 100 degrees, the difference is noticeable.

Xiaomi used a full HD display here. Most laptop manufacturers use this category. However, the clarity and colors on Redmibook look very different. The colors are usually washed out and the contrast levels are really weak. Brightness is sufficient only for indoor use, but it creates issues outside the home. In fact, because the colors are not so sharp, the content looks poor when you increase the brightness.

The only positive about the display is its size. You will get an extra screen for preparing Excel spreadsheets, typing on word documents, attending video calls and streaming content. However, poor viewing angles and colors can eventually lead to a lot of pollution in the eye, making it a bad deal.

Redmibook 15 Pro Review – Keyboard and Trackpad

One of the good things about the Redmibook 15 Pro is the 1.5mm full-size keyboard. The keys have a good space, large and allow you to type easily for long hours. Although two things are missing. Xiaomi skipped the number plate for only a few users. But, also this is not a backlight keyboard. Xiaomi seems to have retained that feature for the upcoming Mi notebook. Therefore, using the RedmiBook 15 Pro in the dark can be challenging.

Xiaomi uses a large trackpad to go along with the keyboard. Windows Accuracy supports drivers. It is very responsive by scrolling, sliding, etc., so there are no complaints here.

RedmiBook 15 Pro Review-Audio

Xiaomi is able to fit in the RedmiBook 15 Pro with good speakers, so the display is so damaging. The laptop comes with two 2W speakers with DTS sound. It may seem small on paper, but the speakers are really loud and clear. If the display were better, the Redmibook 15 Pro would make for a better multimedia experience.

Even now, they are working, playing background music and feeling crystal clear. It’s really nice to see that most laptop makers have recently become deaf to the sound system. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack for even louder sounds.

Redmibook 15 Pro Review – Performance

Xiaomi may have made deals in other parts, but in terms of performance, it has fixed many things correctly. The Redmibook 15 Pro uses an 11-gen Intel Tiger Lake i5-11300H processor with 8GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM and 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD. The only unfortunate part is that the RAM can’t expand and you need to replace the existing SSD to extend the storage. Graphics are powered by Intel Iris Xe.

In the real world, Redmibook 15 Pro performed better than expected. The laptop was smooth in everyday use and handled most tasks seamlessly. While I was working, several tabs were opened in Chrome at the same time, and the background music, the little game also had no crashes or other problems. Launch time is fast and there are not many complaints about performance.

I played two games like Forza Horizon 4 and Far Cry. The machine is not really designed for gaming, but it is enough if you want to run titles on medium graphics. If you have high expectations, it is best to spend it on a game-based device.

There are many communication options around the laptop. The right section has 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 2.0 port, SD card reader, LAN port and Kensington lock. On the left you will find two USB 3.2 Gen 1, HDMI and DC charging ports. As I mentioned earlier, there is no C-USB port that is becoming more and more popular on laptops. Laptops also lose their fingerprint sensor.

Redmibook 15 will run the Windows 10 Home Edition and Xiaomi has already confirmed that all users will be eligible for a free Windows 11 update by the end of this year. You already have MS Office installed.

One thing Xiaomi has really got compared to last year’s notebook is the introduction of the built-in 720p webcam, which should be enough for most users. If you want better quality, you can print it on an external webcam.

Redmibook 15 Pro Review – Battery

The Redmibook Pro comes with a 46 HR battery that lasts for about 46 hours. That became very greedy. The RedmiBook 15 Pro can last four to five hours in normal operation and can be downloaded if you play or release content. My usage usually involves working on Word documents, sending emails and playing some music in the background. This is not a very good battery life designed for professionals.

Xiaomi is transporting a laptop with a 65W fast charger in the box. It takes a little over half an hour to charge the device to about 50 percent and that’s a relief.

Redmibook 15 Pro Review – Final Decision

RedmiBook 15 Pro gets exactly three or four things. It also undermines equality. The laptop comes with a large display, offers reliable performance, has many connection options and offers fast charging. Although it does not feel strong, the build quality is medium and the display quality is also low. On top of that, the battery life may be better.

Also, the Redmibook 15 Pro is in the price category where you have many options like the Realme Slim Book and HP 15s. We can hope that Xiaomi builds on this first-generation device and gives us more promising RedmiBook laptops in the future.

RedmiBook Pro Review 6.5 / 10


  • Reliable performance
  • Large display
  • Good audio
  • Fast charging


  • Poor display quality
  • It lacks premium-deficiency
  • Average battery life
  • There is no rear light board

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