Redesigning technology-assisted education

Sina Mountain College is bringing technological power to create students for life. He is using technology to rediscover the learning experience of the Sinai classroom by identifying it as Apple’s special school.

“Technology has changed the way we teach, but it has also changed the way we communicate with individual students,” says Jesse Black, talent and talent coordinator at Mount Sinai College. The success of the Mount Sinai Technology Program may be due to ongoing research, work samples, SAMR (Replacement, Improvement, Improvement and Improvement) model and classroom observation.

“We regularly consult with our parent community and our technology community about our technology program,” said David Colville, director of IT and Innovation.

Teachers in the college can design learning activities that take children out of the classroom. These practices encourage empathy, collaboration among students, motivate students in real-world learning, and develop job creation and problem-solving skills. Apple’s technology encourages students to create their own expression modes, such as songs, movies, ebooks, podcasts, games, 3D models, add-ons, real-life experiences, animations, and digital art.

By combining Colville technology with community celebrations, students say they can better understand their role in Jewish, Australian and international communities.

“Our goal is to redefine our use of technology and improve the safety of our students and help them recognize their role as international citizens,” she said.

Visit to sign up for a virtual opening day for Mount Sinai College on Thursday, August 26th.

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