Reboot the 6th generation of iPod Nano and live with it

Twelve years ago, Steve Jobs announced that the iPod Nano 6th generation is still one of the strangest products in Apple’s history. Then I could not buy an iPod Nano, and finally I bought the sixth generation iPod Nano (16GB) in 2019 at OLX for only 3000 Rs. Last week, I finally had the opportunity to charge my iPod and add my favorite songs. Since then I have been obsessed with this old iPod.

The grown-up iPod Shuffle

For me, the sixth-generation iPod Nano was a new product rather than a continuation of the iPod Nano lineup. I think the Nano 6th generation is like an adult and a more mature iPod Shuffle. When I started using the iPod Nano 6th Gen I felt like I was not using an iPod. For a long time, I linked iPads to a single click wheel or multi-touch interface, as shown on the iPod Touch. The sixth-generation iPod Nano does not look like the iPod in my collection. It is less than half the size of the 5th generation iPod iPod, measures 40.9 x 8.8 x 37.5 mm and weighs only 21 grams. The treadmill was replaced with a small 1.5-inch touchscreen.

The iPod nano 6th generation became my morning friend. (Image Credit Pages Anuj Batiya / India Express)

Made of aluminum and a large clip, it is close to the iPod Shuffle. I simply cut the iPod with my shirt or put it in my pocket and you don’t know it’s there. When I left home and walked, I always wanted a small, beautiful, comfortable device. Below you will find three physical buttons, a headphone jack and a 30-pin connector for USB computer syncing and charging port below. The big sleep key turns the screen on and off, but there is no home button like you found on the iPhone. There are no keys to pause tracks; Instead, you need to enable the screen (more later) if you want to control playback or change tracks.

iPod with diversity

I am a big fan of the Click-Wheel-based interface and I wish Apple did not stop producing the classic iPod. With the sixth-generation iPod Nano, Apple switched to a touch screen and I liked the presentation. Coming from iPhone and iPad In 2022, I was very comfortable using the Nano interface. Although the screen is very small and the display does not have many touch gestures (there is only one two-finger gesture on the device), I feel comfortable browsing the interface. Known as all Apple products.

Apple, iPod, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Nano, iPad Nano, iPad Nano 6th Generation, iPod Collection, Vintage Apple Collection I use not only the iPod Nano 6th Gen to listen to music but also the tracking steps. (Image Credit Pages Anuj Batiya / India Express)

When you power the device, you will notice that the screen holds four round icons and there are four screens to slide with your finger. Since there is no home key, either swipe to the right to return to the home screen or tap it in the center of the screen. Yes, I feel like it requires a lot of touch and loading without getting the music clicked, but the interface is never hard to navigate. IOS-style interface feels great for a device like Nano, although it does not offer many features (sorry, there is no app support here). I can easily move icons, edit existing playlists and create new ones, and the touch screen interface allows you to rotate the screen as you wish.

Use it as a watch

I do not know if you will ever remember when the iPod Nano 6th came on the market. In fact, the new iPod Nano wristband market It began to grow in 2011. I was fascinated by the concept of an iPod Nano watch on paper and decided to buy a compatible online watch. The Nano easily slides into the band and gives full access to all the buttons and the Nano headphone jack. I eagerly tried for a week, mostly on a morning walk, and the iPod Nano wristwatch stuck to my wrist. I love the vibration and simplicity of the iPod Nano. ‘

When each gadget is connected to the Internet, the iPod Nano watch works perfectly without a compatible phone. No Bluetooth connection, lost Apple Music app, nonsense WhatsApp messages screaming at 5am, I started to appreciate the iPod Nano view more. I still fear the 18-hour face that comes with it, including Mickey Mouse. But the real reason why I think the iPod nano watch makes sense is that I can use the device as a fitness tracker. Nike + Fitness does not provide advanced fitness monitoring but it does cover the basics such as number of steps, distance travel and custom calorie counting and this works for me.

Apple, iPod, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Nano, iPad Nano, iPad Nano 6th Generation, iPod Collection, Vintage Apple Collection Even today, the 6th generation of the iPod Nano is optimistic about the future. (Image Credit Pages Anuj Batiya / India Express)

Of course, comparing the iPod Nano to the Apple Watch is foolish. Remember the sixth-generation nano in 2010, four years before Apple launched the Apple Watch. Although Cupertino does not set the nano as a digital clock, I can still see the shadows of the Apple Watch in a digital music player. The sixth-generation iPod Nano was, after all, the first sign that Apple wanted to make a smart watch. Instead of rushing and promoting a half-baked product, as everyone else did at the time, Apple introduced digital watches, as well as health and fitness features to consumers’ familiar iPods.

Apple, iPod, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Nano, iPad Nano, iPad Nano 6th Generation, iPod Collection, Vintage Apple Collection I have been collecting iPods for years. (Image Credit Pages Anuj Batiya / India Express)

Why should I use the iPod Nano 6th generation in 2022?

I recently reviewed the redesigned Nokia 6310. I started using a sixth-generation iPod Nano for the same reason. When I went out for a walk in the morning, I left my iPhone 13 mini at home with my Nokia 6310 and iPod Nano. I want to make life easier by avoiding social media and cutting off smartphone notifications. The sixth-generation iPod feels like my morning friend – it not only plays music but also tells me the time and a small, compact device that tracks my steps. I used to bring my iPod Touch for my morning walk, but I chose the iPod Nano 6th generation because I wanted an invisible iPod in my pocket. I really wanted the size and built-in clip, and the iPod Nano 6th Generation to have no Wi-Fi, apps support or video playback options.

Apple, iPod, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Nano, iPad Nano, iPad Nano 6th Generation, iPod Collection, Vintage Apple Collection The invisible iPod. (Image Credit Pages Anuj Batiya / India Express)

I’m not telling you to give up on your iPhone or Apple Watch. The whole idea of ​​using the iPod Nano 6th generation was to focus on listening to music and enjoying the moment. I don’t want to see the screen on my phone in the morning, I don’t need to know what’s going on in other people’s lives… the shark tank that you went to the Maldives, wore last night or happened in the last episode. True, that was a problem I had not solved in a long time.


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