Ready, technology integrates into successful CSTX at Fort McCoy

By SGT. Brandon Witness
354th Mobile Public Displacement

Preparation has always been the focus of the Army’s reserve and national guard, and the focus was on the 347th Regional Support Team (RSG) during its operation in Fort Makoi in August 2021 at the CSTX 78th Division of War Support Training (CSTX).

The 347th Regiment of the Minnesota National Guard has conducted a series of trainings focusing on real-world conflict and simultaneous chemical attacks, perimeter violations, and security duties.

We usually work with administrative capacity. Most of our teams are not involved in perimeter safety or basic maintenance. Capt. Eric Jungles, Public Affairs Officer of the 347th Regg.

Jungles said their main responsibility is to manage support for other units on the ground. Troops faced difficult field conditions while in Fort Makoi. Some CSTX conditions include sleeping in a person’s tent, taking a cell shower, moving hygiene rooms, and field feeding.

“The nature of our obligations makes us more comfortable than the soldiers in the field. For example, during this CSTX, our team will experience the physical comfort of a soldier sitting at the entrance control, ”said Jungles.

Other value-added soldiers who received training at Fort Makoi used advanced technology combined with real training.

“When I joined the Army 20 years ago, I had advanced technology and ideas, and now we are using it correctly,” said the 347th RSG Brigade Training Officer.

Warriors used the CPOF to visualize the battlefield and plan its mission through a dynamic perspective of critical resources and events. This technology includes satellite communications, high-definition monitors, encrypted radio communications, and drone monitoring.

Applying this technology gives strategic benefits to forces that rely on ancient technology.

With the help of advanced training and advanced technology, the military and national security are better prepared to engage the opposition in difficult areas, he said.

“Our technical components enable us to connect satellites and images together and share products,” said Johansen.

“It has increased the speed of information and allowed us to carry out the vision of the command faster.”

Date taken: 08.27.2021
Date posted 08.27.2021 12:41
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Place Fort MCCOY, WI, USA

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