Raven Capital is in Riyadh for a $ 600,000 startup at LEAP, one of Mid East’s largest technology conferences.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – (Business Wire–Raiven Capital, Global Early-Stege Technology Venture Fund, has entered Riyadh to judge a $ 600,000 startup competition, with a three-day technology conference starting today.

The opening conference will include more than 400 speakers, 80 countries and 1,000 startups. It is part of Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to separate fossil fuels and grow other sectors, particularly the digital technology economy. A key part of this plan is to take care of the future entrepreneur community.

Ninety-one beginners are competing in the Rocket Fuel launch, earning a cash prize of $ 600,000. Beginners are measured by creativity, ingenuity, skill, practicality and influence on people and society. There are four prizes ranging from $ 100,000 to $ 200,000.

“Reeven is thrilled to be here, to judge some of the world’s most innovative startups, to lead panel discussions and to attract investors and entrepreneurs.

“There is huge potential in this and the rest of the region,” said Beyonc√© Ost, co-founder of Otley, who raised $ 1.4 billion in $ 10 billion IPO last year. “It’s encouraging to see so many great innovations and a commitment to the technology and food sectors,” he said.

The LEAP Conference is part of Reeven’s big Mid East tour, where Reven is meeting with investors, their secret portfolio, including Oman and Dubai, and finalizing plans for the licensing and final destination.

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Raven Capital is an international advanced technology venture fund based in both Silicon Valley and Toronto. Raven Capital focuses on Artificial Intelligence, DLT and Internet of Things. Raven is actively seeking innovative founders by creating value chain companies in cybersecurity, finance, energy, health, environment and food sectors. Once growth is strong, Raven will move from its portfolio companies to Silicon Valley and beyond.

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