Rainforest offers the world’s first Cryptocurrency Fantasy Gaming Platform

Last year, India emerged as the world’s second largest cryptocurrency market by adoption. Aim to change the overall experience, Rain Maker, the world’s first cryptocurrency game launches today, a new and unique marketing experience for curry lovers of India and crypto curiosity.

Rainfall is based on the core vision of democratizing knowledge for individuals who want to learn in a fun way. Provides real-time experience by integrating transactions and inviting players to learn analytics skills in the management of Crypto Portfolio. The forum provides similar experiences in the stock market in India by repeating the correct stock exchanges in India. Rainforest is now available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Connected to a real global Cryptocurrency exchange, the rainforest, Crypto Virtual Game uses information and references from live events around the world. Players can safely conduct live business activities in the gaming environment. They can choose from over 20 different paid versions as well as free racing formats on stage. It gives you flexibility to opt-out when you choose, which allows you to stop full in-game control loss.

In shedding more light on the idea behind this pioneering idea, Harsh Hima atsingingka, founder and CEO of Rainmaker, said: it is. It is still limited. With Rainforest, we hope to attract not only crypto-literacy readers, but also those who are unsure but curious, who are really interested in becoming a true crypto trader.

He added, “Even in the stock market, India is increasingly involved with young professionals who are rapidly entering the fray. Many of these come from secondary and tertiary cities, which is a strong indicator of encouraging and growing investment and revenue thinking. With rainwater harvesters, we hope to further stimulate this direction. And for many gamers who simply want high-octane fun, the rain maker provides the knowledge to create the right adrenaline and satisfying experience.

Rain Maker is the first major limited edition product of the 2021 Real Money Game (RMI) space technology startup. The first stock competition aims to create a collaborative learning environment for the RMG limited liability industry to re-engineer its products by design and technology.

About the rain maker

Rainwater Manufacturer is a legal and the world’s first stock exchange and cryptocurrency game app for all segments of society. As a ion in India, the Rainforest is focused on educating everyone and bringing together business fans from India and around the world. The app offers more than 20 tournament game formats, multiple time limits for each format, and unlimited free tournaments to practice. The overall gameplay is based on the principle of a simple online strategy investment game regarding user rewards based on data generated in real-time Indian stock and global cryptocurrency markets using real-time data from real Indian stock and global encryption markets. Exchanges.

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