Railroads for running trains on hydrogen fuel-based technology

The project will begin in the 89 km Sonipat-Gene section of the Northern Railway.

New Delhi:

Under the government’s major programs, the “Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Batteries” and the “National Hydrogen Mission”, under the Paris Climate Agreement 2015 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the “Mission Network Zero Carbon Release Train”. By 2030, India’s railways will be powered by hydrogen fuel technology.

“We are rebuilding DEMU trains on the 89 km track between Harry and Jean and Sonipat. This pre-auction conference will take place on August 17 and we hope that this process will be completed by October 5th. ” ADG PRO Rajiv Jain told Nii.

X-Saxena, CEO of Railway Energy Management Company, also said that hydrogen fuel is pure fuel. “We remove the diesel generator and install a hydrogen fuel cell. Input converts from diesel to hydrogen fuel. It will be a very pure oil. Hydrogen from the sun is called green energy. ” They said.

The Ministry of Railways said in a statement on Saturday that “there is a recent budget statement to launch the concept of hydrogen mobility in the country. Accepting the challenge, the Indian Railways Enterprise invites bids from Alternative Fuel Alternative (IROF), Green India Railway Vertical, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Train. The project will begin at 89 km north of the Sonipat-Gene section of the railway.

Explaining the project, 2.3 million birr will be saved annually, the ministry said. There will be no change in. Driving console. The project also saves 2.3 rubles a year.

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