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San Jose, California, July 20, 2021 (PRNewswire-PRWeb) – Quartic.ai today announced the creation of a high-performance digital twin penicillin bioreactor that mimics the industry standard penicillin chrysanthemum yeast. Simulating with traditional models or other available solutions is 40 times more efficient – this allows you to generate huge amounts of cost-effective information. He is using the data to build and test a supplementary study to improve quantum penicillin production. The company’s apparent digital twin is one of a number of quartz projects designed to accelerate the transition from a group to the pharmaceutical industry.

It currently uses more than 90% of biomanufacturing costs, low cost and high asset classification, ”he said. Rajiv AnandQuartrick’s CEO and Founder The transition is one of the biggest changes in the industry, allowing new treatments to grow faster and at less capital costs.

The key challenges for biologists, learning to drive and autonomous applications – the basis of an ongoing process – were the high demand for high-quality data. To accelerate the deployment of advanced control algorithms, manufacturers must rely on simulated data. However, it is often difficult to create high-fidelity models of biopsies that can generate large and high-quality data reliably and affordably.

AI is committed to sustained productivity and greater speed in biomanufacturing processes. Today, however, using AI requires a hybrid modeling approach based on basic principles and data-saving models. Xiaozhou Wang, Associate in Chief Information Scientist and Quartrick. “This is a key focus of Quartk and has led to a number of practical findings.

On another initiative, Quartic is working in partnership with ” University of Alberta Preparation of end-to-end manufacturing system using hybrid modeling for monoclonal antibody (MBA) production.

“More than 50% of biological drug formulations are performed using MB procedures,” said Dr. Jinfeng Liu, Professor of Chemistry and Materials Engineering University of Alberta. The technology we are developing at Quartic.ai will enable existing MBB production to be more efficient, as well as provide the foundation for building a more robust and sustainable MBA manufacturing facility.

Quartet is working with a number of pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to improve their production and quality. Contact the company at info@Quartic.ai to learn more or to participate in Quartk’s ongoing biomanufacturing initiative

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Quartic.ai is a technology company based in Toronto, Ontario, And San Jose, California With the development center in Bengalru India. Quartic.ai provides industry-leading solutions for industrial digitalization AI. Quartic Platform’s core product will accelerate the adoption of industry 4.0 for process professionals to develop and deploy their own AI and IIoT-based solutions. Quartk Forum recognizes Pharmacy 4.0 in 2019 Pharmacy innovation. Contact Quartic.ai at 1-866-QUARTIC for more information or visit http://www.Quartic.ai.

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