PUBG ፡’s new state nickname change ticket is now available for purchase.

PUBG ፡ አዲስ አዲስ አዲስ ግዛት ግዛት ግዛት ግዛት ግዛት ግዛት ግዛት ግዛት አዲስ አዲስ አዲስ አዲስ UB አዲስ UB UB UB UB UB አዲስ UB አዲስ ጀምሮ ጀምሮ ጀምሮ ጀምሮ ጀምሮ ጀምሮ ጀምሮ ጀምሮ ጀምሮ ጀምሮ The feature can be purchased through the in-store store for 900 NC (around 270 Rs).

Nickname Ticket Ticket allows players to change their nickname on the battlefield. When creating an account, users will be asked to enter an ID that they know other players. However, prior to this update, the login name was permanent and can only be changed upon return from a ban or ban.

Kraften did not say whether the ticket could be purchased and used more often. In-game currency is available through the store, and accepts all types of payment options such as debit or credit cards, UI and a Google Play account on Android.

The news comes after the company announced some graphic improvements to Troy Map. The development team is working on ways to reduce eye strain and make it easier to find enemies from a distance. Although it was announced that the update would be released in February, Crafton did not enter the details.

As a body January update, PUBG: New Kingdom announces new BR: Excellent game mode, with 64 players in an 8 × 8 Troi map. The entire game is limited to 20 minutes and has a small playground. All players start buying items with guns, smoke bombs and credit.

The game introduces new tools and enhancements to action animations such as Parker Roll, which allows players to roll over to break their fall. Other changes include the introduction of Dash Mechanic and Chapter 1 Level Game.

PUBG ፡’s new state is available for free download on Android and IOS.


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