PSNS & IMF hosts technology demonstrations

The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility will host the August 25-26, 2021 Technology Exhibition at the Kitsap Conference Center in Bremerton, Washington.

According to Jeff Brimm, PMSS and IMF Technology Input Manager, the event included 53 industry partners who presented equipment, new technologies and a variety of technical solutions to 950 attendees.

The day before the announcement, the PSNS and IMF Technology Office staff and representatives from the National Manufacturing Science Center, department heads, class leaders and creative people from all over the world were able to make the best use of the event. Find the skills to solve problems and get the job done safely and efficiently.

“All crew members are invited to attend, and we want participants to find solutions to their current problems,” said Braille. The only focus in the technology entry office is ‘How can we help you with your problems?’ This event is designed to do just that.

Capt. Jeep Mosman, Commander of PSNS and IMF, encouraged the leaders and creators present at the inaugural briefing to develop skills that will help their colleagues improve not only the PSNS and IMF but also other ships. as well as.

“Naval support systems – ship farms improve our performance on all our ships,” Mosman said. “There are fragments of NSS-SY based on people. There are process-based pieces. There is also a component of NSS-SY that includes innovation, and that innovates the way we do things. This is a great event to get some ideas and maybe some technology to help us do better.

He encouraged people to use technology to help them find and keep order.

“We are already doing amazing things on the waterfront,” Mosman said. “However, there is something we can do to make the work better and easier, or to make it more efficient or efficient. When those technologies that can help us are there, we need to be advocates and help bring things here to improve.

Brimhal encouraged leaders and creators to think about the potential gaps in technology and not to focus on a specific device or technology.

“When they look at clean tools or equipment, they tend to focus on things that look good or are marketable,” he said. “When you focus on capacity gaps, you say, ‘What is my problem and how can I solve it? They focus on. Also, when you focus on skills, you can ask for resources and ideas about tools that may not be available to us or may be available to us.

At the event, there were several vendors who had previously worked, or are currently working on, to solve problems. The shipyard and NMSS worked together with one of the vendors to design and test the condenser cleaning system, which helped significantly accelerate road access to aircraft carriers.

Another vendor at the exhibition has previously worked with PSNS and IMF to modify a special cutting machine to meet safety requirements for use in the ship’s environment. The creators of PSNS and IMF, with the help of the NCMS and the Office of Technology Innovation, worked as a team to assist the cutting process through the approval process.

Once a attendee has noticed the ability to inspect their store or code, Briml said the next step is to identify the stakeholders and plan to bring the solution to the shipyard, reaching code 1000i.

“Please think about what you have seen that you want to follow and reach out to us,” Bremel said.

Code 1000i works with NMSS in collaboration with industry partners to test technologies at the shipyard and customize them for the government when necessary.

“NCMS can allow us to try new things quickly and easily,” Bremhal said. In addition, they help us work with vendors to develop new solutions. This will allow us to collaborate with industry partners to develop new solutions that may not be available at the moment. This facility will help solve problems and help vendors develop new products.

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