Professor of Computer Information Technology has a third-degree qualification course.

Wu faculty member Yasser Mowafi recently received a CIT 370 – Telecommunication 1 Certificate of Quality for the Third Course.

Dr. Mowafi is an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Technology at the WKU Oden College of Engineering and Engineering School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

WKU has 10 quality issues certified courses, including five from Ogden Science and Engineering College.

Dr. Mowafi has two other certified CIT courses – System Development I and Web Systems Development I. The rest of OCSE are MATH 136, Calculus 1 (Dr. Ozkan Ozer) and MATH 501, Intro to Probability and Statistics (Dr. Natasha Grstenschlager).

Quality Issues is an international organization leading the quality assurance of online and creative digital teaching and learning environments. Provides in-depth reviews of online courses to ensure superiority in terms of accessibility and usability in a variety of categories, including quality issues, teaching materials, student activities and interactions, course technology, student support and evaluations.

About Ogden College of Science and Engineering Ogden College of Science and Engineering (OCSE) offers basic and practical sciences at WKU, offering extensive degree programs in our eight academic departments (Agriculture and Food Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth, Environment and Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics). Physics and Astronomy, Psychological Sciences, Engineering and Applied Sciences). OCSE’s mission is to encourage individuals to become leaders in academic achievement, international relations, and participation in research, education, and service.


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