PR Technology Corporation announces joint stock and high-yield notes

New Hartford, New York- (Business WireThe NYSE: PAR Corporation (PAR) has announced that it has decided to provide 1.5 million joint ventures (“equity supply”) and a total of $ 200.0 million worth of convertible notes. 2027 (“2027 Notes” and such “Notes” presentation) simultaneously written public offerings subject to market and other conditions. In addition, PR plans to provide subscribers with a 30-day option to purchase up to an additional 225,000 shares and an additional $ 30.0 million total 2027 notes.

The 2027 notes will expire on October 15, 2027 and will be the annual non-interest-bearing company, which will be paid annually from April 15, 2022, annually on April 15 and October 15. Notes of 2027 may be changed as an option. Owners shall, immediately before the closing of the business, on or before April 15, 2027, only in certain circumstances and at certain times, and at any time during the working day immediately before the second working day. When changed, the 2027 notes may be released by the Company’s election, in cash, in the Company’s joint stock, or in cash and in the Company’s joint stock. Notes of 2027 cannot be purchased by the Company option before October 15, 2024. If the final sale price of the company’s joint stock is reported after or after October 15, 2024, the 2027 notes may be purchased in cash at the Company’s option. In any 30-day transaction period (including the last trading day of this period) for at least 20 trading days (but not consecutively) the conversion rate for 2027 notes will exceed 130%. The terms of the 2027 Notes, including interest rates, conversion rates and principal rates, will depend on market conditions at the time of pricing and will be negotiated between the Company and Notes.

PR uses net income from equitable supply and supply of notes for general corporate purposes, which can include debt (including owl rock time loans) and continued investment in the growth of their businesses.

Goldman Sachs & LLC serves as the sole book manager. BTIG, LLC, Needham & Company, LLC, and Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC will work as co-managers for each of these offerings.

On September 30, 2020, a joint stock and 2027 notes will each be issued by the PAR, according to a shelf registration statement submitted to the SEC.

Each note presentation and fair delivery is done only on a case-by-case basis. The initial preconditions for the provision of equity and the terms of the Notice are registered with the SEC and can be obtained for free by visiting the SEC website at The final proposals related to the offerings will be registered with the SEC. Upon availability, copies of each of the latest Pepsi complements and related future estimates are also available for Goldman Sachs and Company LLL. , Attn: Prospectus Department, 200 West Street, New York, NY 10282, telephone 866-471 – contact. 2526, Fax: 212-902-9316 or email:

This press release does not apply to any offer or request to sell joint stock or 2027 notes or any other securities, and will not be discounted, requested or sold under any such authority. It is illegal to register, claim or sell under the laws of such state or jurisdiction.

Future Statements.

This press release contains “forward-looking statements” in the interpretation of section 21E of the 1934 Amendments to the Securities Exchange Act, as amended, Section 27a of the 1933 Securities Act, and -The relevant statements are not historical in nature, but are predicting future jobs, financial conditions, business strategies and promises. Future expressions are generally identified by words such as “guess,” “believe,” “believe,” “continue,” “can,” “expect,” “guess,” “think,” “be,” “chance,” . ”“ Plan, ”“ Understand, ”“ Permit, ”“ Do, ”“ Can Cause, ”and similar expressions are based on the administration’s current expectations and assumptions. Such statements include the Company’s Unrestricted Shares Supply and the 2027 Notes and the Company’s Joint Shares and the 2027 Notes for the Used Revenue. Such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks, assumptions and assumptions, including unrestricted, market conditions, risks and trends. If one or more of these hazards or assumptions are true, or if the assumptions are inaccurate, the actual results may differ materially from what is expected. Additional information on the possible causes of the hazards that may affect the company and the actual results may be different from what is stated in this press release is included in the documents provided by the Company’s Securities and Exchange Commission.

About Par Technology

For more than 40 years, PAR’s (NYSE Symbol: PAR) modern products and services have helped build courageous and passionate restaurant products to build lasting hospitality. We rely on partner restaurants when we want to serve from partner to amazing times when we are in the most dangerous hours, and the world is forcing them to agree and win. More than 100,000 restaurants in more than 110 countries use PAR restaurant hardware, software, drives, and back office solutions. The latest PUNSH Inc. With customer loyalty and engagement solutions, PAR has become an integrated business cloud platform for corporate restaurants.

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