Powerbridge Technologies to build a blockchain technology-based supply chain management SaaS platform

Zuhahai, China, July 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: PBTS) (Powerbridge), an innovative technology service provider, has announced that the company is currently building a blockchain-enabled supply chain management platform. Adoption of blockchain technology to facilitate and integrate traditional supply chain systems.

Powerbridge Technologies is an innovative technology company that specializes in AI, loT, blockchain and financial technologies, as well as SS solutions, and provides SS solutions and services in a variety of areas such as cross-border trade, smart cities and government services.

Powerbridge Blockchain Supply Chain Management SaaS enables real-time information sharing for all participants to ensure an integrated behavioral network of connected providers, logistics service providers, distributors, retailers and end users and to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of data transmission. The information.

Stuart LorThe President and Powerbridge’s Chief Financial Officer commented: “We hope that through our blockchain management platform, we hope that blockchain technology will be more practical and more integrated with businesses. We will continue to do more experiments and innovations in blockchain applications. And SaaS. We anticipate the continued growth of blockchain technology in the company’s revenue, and Powerbridge will extend its application to provide future technology and other areas of finance..

About Powerbridge

Founded in 1997, Powerbridge Technologies has a range of smart technology-based products and solutions, including Limited Nasdaq listed company (stock mark – PBS) for international trade-related ports and customs management platforms, cross-border and international trade. Gives. Solutions, smart urban technology products and solutions, as well as technology-supported financial services using state-of-the-art technologies such as Big Data, AI, Blockchain and IoT.

Description for the future

Certain statements in this press release may be “future statements” in the definition of federal security laws, including future financial performance, business strategies, or expectations for our business. These statements include forecasts, forecasts, and forecasts, and are not guarantees of performance. The company’s precautions, which are subject to constant changes, risks, and distrust, are cautious. Words such as “may”, “may,” “,”, “,”, “guess”, “plan”, “project”, “prediction”, “purpose”, “expect”, “guess”, “believe” Search “,” Target, “” View “or similar expressions can identify future statements. As expected, there is no guarantee that the Super Computer Center will be established when it starts operating and that no planned activities will be implemented by the Super Computer Center.

  • Ability to execute business plan;
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These forward-looking statements are based on the information obtained from the date of this press release and the current estimates, forecasts and assumptions of our leadership, and include a number of judgments, risks, and distrust that may distinguish actual results or performance from material differences. Described or described in future statements. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the risks identified by Powerbridge when presented to the Powerbridge Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These vulnerabilities, as described elsewhere in this press release, and other tangible results distinguish it from historical performance.

Accordingly, future statements should not be construed to represent our views from any further date, and you should not be overly confident in deciding whether or not to invest in these securities. We are not obligated to update future statements in the light of new information, upcoming events, or other reasons, except as required by applicable safety laws.

These and other considerations and additional information that may affect our estimates are included in our current registration with the SEC, including our Form 20-F Annual Report for the Fiscal Year. December 31, 2019. Powerbridge SEC records are up for grabs. Website available at www.sec.gov. Powerbridge is committed to updating future information with new information, upcoming events or other reasons.

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