Portsmouth police chief says shot spot technology could help ‘show public concern’

Portsmouth, Va.

In a statement to the city council on Tuesday evening, Shoot Spot representatives explained how their products could benefit the city, prompting officers to visit violent crime.

In turn, it builds trust between the community and the police department.

Portsmouth He recorded a record 35 murders in 2021. A.D. By the 34th highest in 2020.

While the trend reflects an increase in violent crime across the country, such as the mayors’ association, Portsmouth City Council meetings Family members of the victims are constantly being harassed, demanding more action from the city authorities..

A.D. According to the Annual Report by the Department of Police, only half of the killers were cleared by 2020 and the city was struggling with an ongoing shortage of officers. As of August, the department had a short 80 officers.

“This is a piece that will help us change the tide,” said Prime Minister Renado Prince following the presentation. “It’s energy multiplication.”

ShotSpotter works by placing sensors on buildings. The sensors are set to detect the sound of gunfire and use GPS technology to detect the origin of the shooting and notify the police within 60 seconds.

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The technology has already been used in both Virginia Beach and Newport News. The leaders of both cities have confirmed its effectiveness. Virginia Coast Police Commander Paul Nudgett He said he was arrested Monday because of the technology.Significant reduction in crime in the city.

National statistics show that less than 20% of ShotSpotter activation also has a related 911 call. Shoot Spot representatives say it allows criminals to be raped and community members to believe that the police do not care.

Prince said he thought that was what was happening at Portsmouth.

“People hear the shots. But they don’t see the police,” said Prince. “But we don’t know the truth.”

Shot Spotter said he could help police reach the scene and find a suspect before they left, or he could save his life if the victim was on the scene.

No action was taken by the city council on Tuesday, but council members did not appear to oppose the technology.

“I don’t know how much it will cost, but I believe it will pay off,” he said. “Yesterday” was his wish.

“Once it was discovered, people thought, ‘Shooter – they know where I am.’

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