Pony.ai Self-driving public road test begins in Shenzhen.

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Fremont, California – (Business Wire) – December 10, 2021–

Pony.ai, the world’s largest automotive technology company, has announced that it has obtained a license to conduct road tests in Shenzhen. This permit will allow Pony.ai to launch a public road test in Shenzhen, a major milestone for the company’s newly opened Shenzen Research and Development Center. In addition to Shenzhen, Pony.ai is currently testing robotaxi services in ODD in China for approximately 300 square miles.

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“Successful automotive experiments will pave the way for the introduction of Pony AI robotaxin and other technologies in Shenzhen,” said James Peng, co-founder and CEO of Pony.ai. Pony.ai He hopes to launch a robotics service for the general public in Shenzhen by early 2022.

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In addition to Shenzhen, Pony.ai has now launched independent driving tests or services in a total of seven cities in China and the US, and is one of only two companies to launch self-driving tests at all four Chinese levels. 1 cities.

Since 2017, Pony.ai has accumulated millions of independent real-world road test miles with extensive hardware and software development experience in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and California. Pony. Shenzhen adds to this strong driving environment.

Pony.ai’s self-driving test in a variety of traffic conditions strengthens the company’s ability to provide safe and reliable self-driving globally.

The leader is Pony.ai, Inc., an independent automotive technology company. (“Pony.ai”) Independent mobility is following a larger vision. Our goal is to bring safe, sustainable and accessible mobility to the entire world. We believe that automated technology will make our roads safer for travelers. A.D. Founded in late 2016, Pony.ai is a pioneer in automation technologies and services in the United States and China, and is leading public robotic taxi pilots in both markets. Pony.ai has partnered with major original manufacturers, including Toyota, Hyundai, GC Group, FAW Group, etc.

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