Pokémon Scarlet and Violet announced by the end of 2022

Developer Game Freik has announced two new Pokémon games as part of it Live event – Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The titles are set to release later this year on the Nintendo Switch.

The trailer with the development images gives us a hint about the whole environment and our home, with a virtual switch on the table. The game has been described as a borderless open world title, allowing coaches to explore different cities and enter unknown wilderness. According to Tisher, the origin of the game seems to be inspired by Spain and the Mediterranean.

Depending on the version you choose – scarlet or violet, the main character is decorated with different outfits. The trailer also features a launch Pokémon highlight, allowing coaches to choose between Sprigigito – Grass Cat, Quaxly – Water Duck, and Fuecoco – Fire Croc, which feels like a reskin for Totodille; Only different ingredients. These three Pokémon will launch the first Generation 9 monsters for the first time, and will do so in the future.

In addition, the recently launched Pokémon Legends ፡ is getting title A. A software upgrade called a ‘daybreak’. The patch is now available for free download, and includes a new search query. The company has announced that it is working on an animated series based on the game from the game and will be working for the first time later this year.

Pokémon myths: Arceus For the first time, Pokéex and other important events in franchise served as a starting point for the past in the Hesus region. The game features an immersive beetle, in which players can secretly approach the wild monsters or take the lead.

The friendly ones pay no attention to your presence, but the cowards quickly run to their hiding place. The game sold 6.5 million copies in the first week of its release and the story received negative reviews.


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