PlayStation Plus free games have been announced for March 2022

PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive four free games as a monthly prize. Starting March 1, players can download Tsushima Ghost: Legends, Ghostrunner, Ark: Survival Evolved and Team Sonic Racing on their PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 consoles. The games will be available until April 4, 2022.

Legends of the Tuscany Spirit (PS4, PS5)

Inspired by Japanese mythology and legends, Legends Tushima’s first spirit game is an independent, collaborative multiplayer variation. Players can choose between four classes – Ronin, Assassin, Zamora or Hunter and go on story missions, where they can team up with their friend and complete a set of 10 arches. Survival allows for large groups and plunges you into the tide of enemies. Then there is the mode of competition where players can stand respectfully and fight others online. The legends of the Tuschima spirit can be downloaded on Plaster 5 and Plaster 4.

Ghostrunner (PS5)

Ghostrunner puts you in the shoes of Cyber ​​Ninja, offering a unique single-player experience, crossing enemies, making soft parks, and supernatural shots. Set in the awful cyberpunk mega structure called Dharma Tower, our goal is to ascend and avenge the oppressive key lord. There are also some one-hit, one-off mechanics, along with skills that make the fight faster and stronger, making it easier to cross borders. Ghostrunner can only be downloaded on PlayStation 5.

Box Arrested Survival (PS4)

Inside the Ark, the dinosaurs and other ancient animals were thrown into a mysterious island where they roamed the earth. In the most ancient way possible, players are required to search for treasures, build weapons, build shelters, and do whatever they can to survive. For food and clothing (hides), you can hunt or tame local wildlife as a ride and cross the globe. It is very similar to a rusty game in which you interact with other players and, if necessary, invade their neighborhoods at night. The Ark Survival Evovedd is only available on PlayStation 4.

Team Sonic Racing (PS4)

By controlling one of the 15 Sonic series players, players can jump into SEGA’s Arcade-style runner, perform tricks, float on tracks, and collect power generators. Sonic racing differs from traditional racing in that players focus on teamwork rather than individuals. There are many customization options, time trials, and history-based tutorials to help you get used to the basics. Team Sonic Racing is only available on PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation Plus subscription offers a number of benefits, such as support for online multiplayer games, a free monthly collection of games and additional discounts during the sale. Membership can be purchased from the official store for 499 Rs per month, or you can opt for the cheaper 1 year difference at Rs 2,999.


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