Piedmont Tech hosts workshops in the fields of production, healthcare

One of the “Put Your Feet in the Door” stages will be held this week at Piedmont Technical College after two performances in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

The school has partnered with CC Works this week for both industries to provide employers with relevant staff.

Tara Gonce, director of Piedmont Tech Health Care, called the show a “double event.”

“The labor market is growing in all areas of healthcare,” she said.

We hope this will help us hire our graduates, but we also hope that those employers will be interested in our programs to help fill those positions.

Health employers spoke with job candidates and talked to people about the programs offered by Piedmont Tech teachers and program directors.

“PDmonnt Tech has a professional background in medical programs and cardiovascular, for all of these things, so we have partnered with them to support all health care providers who are already preparing for this event. Billy Morgan, deputy director of labor at Savana, said.

Friday’s job fair focused on health, while Tuesday’s job fair focused on manufacturing and brought in 108 job seekers.

“Manufacturing is often a high-paying job, because training is so fast that people can go through short-term training and earn a high salary,” Morgan said.

“There is a huge demand in manufacturing, we know every manufacturer employs, and health care is the same. As a result of COVID, many people are re-insured or have already retired from health care facilities, so we need to replenish jobs.

Lisa Bartanes, Director of Capacity Building, Learning and Development at the Regional Health Care Center, said both performances were “never successful”.

“We are in a very exciting time now, in terms of the manpower that many of our child bullies are starting to retire, this will definitely open up opportunities for all employers, health care and manufacturing, and we just want those discussions first and often with future employees. To connect and help them find a job in a company that suits them and their families.

Employers from seven districts in Piedmont Tech participated in the exhibition. Friday’s event brought long-term care facilities, emergency medical agencies, hospitals and more.

“Where we come from, it’s a great opportunity for us to graduate with some of the students in the program right now … some next week, some in the next few months, and it gave them a chance. Scott Parton, manpower director at Newberry County Memorial Hospital, looked at the different opportunities that I and other employers have.

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