Picosun offers a powder MEMS technology platform for Fraunhofer ISIT

ESPO, Finland, February 17, 2022 (PRNewswire) – Fraunhofer Silicon Technology Institute (ISIT) has adopted the PICOSUN® P-300B ALD system as a platform for powder MEMS technology.

Fraunhofer ISIT PowderMEMS is a new invention technology for creating three-dimensional microstructures from a wide range of materials. The technology is based on combining µm-sized powder particles in an atom with an atomic layer depositor (ALD). It has many advantages compared to other production techniques as it allows to use very low process heat compared to conventional manufacturing process. Sealed porous structures are heat-resistant and chemically resistant, enabling a wide post-production process in a clean room.

“The technology can be used for a variety of applications, including microelectronics, MEMS sensors, MEMS motors, and microfluidics. Dr. Bjorn GojidkaTeam Leader at Fraunhofer ISIT.

“We were looking for a solution for a high-density powder coating in the canal. We are looking to upgrade the technology. The Picosun solution is suitable for this purpose. Dr. Thomas LisekBy Fraunhofer ISIT Chief Scientist.

“We are thrilled that this new technology is coming to life and all the opportunities it brings. I am particularly impressed that the potential applications for Fraunhofer ISIT PowderMEMS are so diverse. I look forward to working closely with Fraunhofer ISIT. Dr. Christoph HosbachGeneral Manager of Picosun Europe GmbH.

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The Fraunhofer ISIT in Itzehoe is one of them. Europe The most advanced research institutes for micro-electronics and micro-technology technology. At the heart of the institute are not only research facilities but also industry-leading microfinance facilities. Working closely with industry partners, ISIT 160 scientists are developing advanced mobile structures, including power electronics components and micro-systems, including the necessary packaging technology for sensor technology and mobile technology. www.isit.fraunhofer.de

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