Pickett Pete leads to a 28-7 victory over Virginia Tech

Kenny Picket threw two touchdowns and led Pittsburgh to a 28-7 victory over Virginia Tech.

Piquet threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to Gavin Bartholomew and 36 yards for Jared Way, and scored in a 3-yard run – all in the first half – to win the Panthers (5-1, 2-0 Atlantic Coast Conference). The third straight game. Pittsburgh, winning for the first time since 2015 in Blacksburg, moved to first place in the ACC coastal area.

“I think every game is a statement,” said Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzi. We do not care about the people or anything else. Just go out and play Pete football. We are here – play Pete football. We don’t care who is there. We don’t care what the scoreboard looked like. Pete just play football.

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Picket, at the time ACC. 22 completed 37 to 203 yards.

“It feels great,” said Pickett, who won his first of three Blacksburg victories. “I was definitely surrounded by this. Probably two years ago we had one of the worst attacking shows (28-0 defeat). Winning here meant a lot to everyone.

Israel Abanikanda ran 411 yards and ran the Panthers 140 meters.

Virginia Tech (3-3, 1-1) finished with a low of 225 yards at the time. The only result of hockey came in the third quarter from Brighton Bermestre to Tivion Robinson in the third quarter.

“It’s my job to play as much as we can – no matter what the level,” said Virginia Tech coach Justin Funette. “Sometimes, at this point, we reach that point. And we never really hit today. That’s not the call of the game, that’s the defense, that’s not the special teams, that’s not the players — that’s the responsibility of the head coach. I would humiliate them, and I would be upset and upset. ”

Ways to take

Pittsburgh – The Panthers’ loss attracts everyone’s attention, but the Pittsburgh defense also deserves respect. The Panthers have conceded just 35 points in their last three games and have not allowed them to run more than 100 yards in those three. This is a good team that is in perfect shape for the second half of the season.

Virginia Tech – Again, hockey was bad at offense. Poor quarterbacks, fallen passes, and inability to spin the ball after driving. The performance was so funny that the Virginia Tech student class started out in the second quarter, and Booth was heard loudly throughout the game. Fute, who has just arrived in the hot seat, wants some quick answers.

Great day for Izizi

Abanikanda’s previous career height was 75 yards, the first time he won the Panthers in New Hampshire. Pittsburgh relied heavily on Abanikanda to avoid the game, as 11 of the 21 carriers and 63 yards came in the fourth quarter drive at 11:28.

“I feel so much better,” Abanikaanda said. I felt that the coaches had faith in me to do such things, and I trusted myself to do such things. I felt like I was part of a team.


Pittsburgh – The Panthers will play Clemson at home next Saturday.

Virginia Tech – Hockey host Syracuse next Saturday.

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