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Tel Aviv, Israel and New York – ((Business Wire) -Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), a global advertising technology company that offers a comprehensive solution to the major pillars of digital advertising: Search, Social Media, Display and Video / CTV-Vidazu announced today Technology Company. If certain EBID-based goals are achieved, Perion will receive a total of $ 93.5 million, a total of $ 35.0 million in cash and additional $ 58.5 million.

Vidazoo Financial Highlights and Outlook

2020 Reality

2021 Outlook

YOY growth rate


$ 31.9m

$ 45m


Adjusted EBITDA

$ 4.3m



A.D. Founded in 2014 by Daniel Slovkin, Gal Dagan and Roman Civicar, Vidazo, and digital publishing at its headquarters in Tel Aviv, is a unique video revenue platform.

“Although the video advertising market is huge, there is a lot of attention among big publishers and broadcasters,” said Perron CEO CEO Gronnell. “Like Shopify, thousands of stores are competing with Amazon and Walmart. Vidazo supports hundreds of video-hungry publishers with a simple, highly interactive, plug-in and play video solution.. We are offering an END to END video solution by integrating our high-impact video collection and Vidaza’s unique online video player (OVP), eliminating all existing intermediate tasks, and creating direct, simple and clear communication between advertisers and publishers.

The video revenue-generating solution of Vida is distinguished by three unique capabilities

  • Owned Online Video player (OVP) and integrated advertising server, Allows publishers and brands to upload, manage and stream video content. Vidazu OVP is certified by major advertising platforms and is compatible with all devices and video formats. Vidazu OVP is integrated with ownership Ad server, Ensure consistent user experience by minimizing delays and errors, by increasing their natural power and efficiency.

  • Sophisticated Product Management Forum (YMP), Which automatically adjusts and prioritizes publishers’ direct campaigns and open market needs based on specific KPIs, and is expected to join the Perion Intelligence Center (iHub).

  • Rich video Content and Advertising Marketplace, With connections to multiple content providers and more than 20 programming platforms. Perion is expanding this marketplace with existing purchasing side effects.

“We are thrilled to be joining the Perion family to inspire the continued growth and vision of Vidaza video monetization technology on all screens,” commented Daniel Slovkin, Vidazu’s CEO. Through Perion’s HUB we have direct access to the most influential video campaigns that major publishers are looking for. Perion is a suitable growth partner and multiplier for all our current and future business metrics.

Raymond James served as a financial advisor to Perion.

Terms of sale

Under the terms of the purchase agreement, Perion acquired all its shares in cash at $ 35.0 million, up from a maximum of $ 58.5 million. Revenues are linked to EBITDA: Measures to be fully paid if Vidazu generates $ 3223 million in total EBITDA by the end of 2023. If Vidazu achieves all its performance goals by 2023, the total estimate will be $ 93.5 million.


Perion is developing guidelines for the expected contribution to the acquisition of the video, which is expected to generate immediate revenue.


2021 Guide


2021 Guide



Growth% *

2022 Directive


2022 Directive



Growth% *


$ 415- $ 430

$ 430- $ 445


$ 490-520

$ 545- $ 575


Adjusted EBITDA

$ 50- $ 51

$ 52 to $ 53


$ 59 to $ 62

$ 68 to $ 72



30% *

30% *

30% *

31% *

* At the middle point of the guide

Conference call

Perion Management will host a ZOM conference today at 8:30 a.m. to discuss procurement details and strategic capabilities. Please join the call using the following magnification link

You can also use the following dialing numbers:

877-407-0626 Or 201-689-7835

About Perion Network Ltd.

Perion is a global technology company that provides strategic business solutions that can “effectively shape and persuade” brands and advertisers across multiple platforms and channels, including interactive television – or iCTV. Perion acquires this highly innovative approach through synchronized digital branding capabilities, content creation; In collaboration with Microsoft Bing, the brand’s search network, and social media management that integrates and facilitates paid advertising. As diversity shifts budgets, this diversity puts Perion ahead.

Non-GAAP actions

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Future Statements

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