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Casey Hall, Product Strategy / Marketing Manager, Hotstart (left); Andrzej Bartnik, Chief Technology Officer, Frauscher Sensor Technology.

Hotstart elevates Casey Hall to Product Strategy / Marketing Manager. Andrzej Bartnik also took over as Chief Technology Officer at Frauscher Sensor Technology.

Casey Hall A.D. In 2015 he joined Hotstart Designer and Manufacturer of Heat Management Systems. As a rail market manager, he has worked with railroads, loaders and original manufacturers to reduce locomotive emissions, fuel consumption, and emissions in the United States and Canada. Hall’s new role is to develop product strategies for all markets, such as from the Hotstart Railway Office in Merlville, Ind. , In Spokane, lie. He will relocate to the company’s headquarters, where he will work closely with Hotstart Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing teams. . He continues to lead the railway department. Mike Mustradi serves as Railway Market Manager.

“Casey has done a good job in the rail market and is now preparing to make a big impact,” said Hotstart CEO Terry Judge. We look forward to working with him at Spokane. He has a lot of positive energy and loves to work with people. Our business, our employees and our customers will benefit from it.

Andrze Bartnick A.D. Since 2019, he has been the CEO of Fraucher Poland and has been the supplier of Frauscher Sensor Technology Axis Calculation and Wheel Recognition System. He will continue there and serve as the Chief Technology Officer of an international company.

Prior to joining Freshcher, he played a number of strategic roles at Bombardier, including Barnnik, product manager, chief specialist, and line manager for the board and board equipment department.

“With extensive experience in this field, Andrzej will focus on the development of our portfolio strategy, and will work with our experts to provide innovative solutions in the railway industry,” said Michael TL, CEO of Fruitcher.

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