People Magazine’s pre-cover covers Betty White’s 100th birthday

For months, the editors of People magazine had zero coverage of Betty White for the end of the year. January 17th is her 100th birthday and readers always look down on her self-deprecating, slightly naughty look. In recent years, as a social media toast, Ms. White has appealed to the elderly and the young.

In mid-December, 29-year-old magazine veteran Liz McNilil and his new co-worker Dory Jackson co-authored the article, with White House responding to inquiries, according to Wendy Nugel, Deputy Editor of People. . On December 23, the organizers closed the case. It hit news outlets on Wednesday and began to reach inboxes on Friday.

Next to Miss White’s glittering photo, her eyes blinking, a public trumpet blew – “Betty White 100!”

Mrs. White died Friday morning. She was 99.

As fans began to take to Twitter to express their admiration for the White House’s “Golden Girls” and “Mary Tyler Moore Show”, people began to take the lead. Some fans blamed Ms. White for the magazine. (In addition to the weekly edition, people showed her a hundred-year-old memoir focusing on her centennial career.)

Others are pleased that Mrs. White, who is known for her satanic humor and flawless humor, seems to have made one last laugh.

Dan Walkford, editor of People, was in London when word came that White had died, and the danger of turning the cover into a famous hall was to report something that had not yet happened. (The most embarrassing example is the decision of the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1948 to misrepresent Dewey Defeats Truman.)

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

People are still getting the first official confirmation – from her agent Jeff Whitzas, who helped prepare the interview. Mr. Whitjas told the magazine: “Betty was 100 years old, but I thought she would live forever. “I miss her and her favorite animal world.”

People then commented on Mr. Walkford’s Twitter account. “We are saddened by the news of Betty White’s death,” he said. We celebrate her recent decision to work with people to celebrate her wonderful life and work.

“Everyone is in shock,” she said by telephone. On Tuesday, White House announced that she had shared her 100th birthday cover photo with 1.3 million Twitter followers. “Public Magazine Is Celebrating With Me!” The text has been read.

It was Mrs. White’s last post. On December 15, she released a documentary titled “Betty White White 100 Years”, which was slated to hit theaters on January 17. Mrs. White said.

The producers of the film, Steve Botcher and Mike Tinklingle, said that the film will be released on time. “Betty has a career as long as she works,” she said in a statement. And, of course, we were lucky to find her for a long time.

Ms. Nugel looked at the bright side of Ms. White, who was asked to reconcile the grief of Miss White’s death with the veil. “I think fans will be shocked when they find out she was funny and in good spirits to the end,” she said.

Ms. White told people, for example, that her longevity may be partly due to her diet. “I try to get rid of anything green,” she said. “I think it works”

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