Pander protocol founder Oliver Gael discusses bringing zero knowledge technology to a multi-chain.

Private coins and zero knowledge technology used by some to hide the sender / receiver size of transactions have become very popular in recent years. However, despite rapid growth in market prices, critics continue to test such assets as incentives to hide illegal activity.

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Oliver Gael, CEO and Founder of Pander Protocol (ZKP), explained the technology and the need for decentralized financial or security solutions and solutions for today’s crypto space.

City How much has your recent token sales increased, and what does your roadmap look like here?

Ogg In all, we have raised over $ 30 million. For Pander Protocol, we did several private sales rounds, and on November 23, we did a public sale, which lasted 90 minutes, during which time we raised over $ 20 million. The second question revolves around the concept map, so the Panther protocol has a zero-knowledge privacy protocol that includes built-in data publishing tools; We will be launching our MVP in January.

We have several deployments this month. And that provides an MVP that allows you to pinpoint the polygon and transfer the ERC-20 token to the ZKP token. And then I guess 30 to 60 days later; We will be deploying the complete v1.0 MVP, which is privately owned with multi-property privacy pools and multi-property storage pools. And that comes with the ZK version, which is a way for users to specify their transaction data for purposes or for tax reporting purposes. So this is what is expected of Q1.

We have over five EVM compatible partners to deploy Panther v1 on Near, Flare, etc. And then, our team is building ZK-led spare parts on other chains, and the goal is to allow these assets to exchange securely, at low fees, low and high transaction flows.

City What is the basic encryption behind these assets?

Ogg Therefore, multi-property protection pools are based on ZK-SNARKS. So you have a combination. The protected pools, you know, are a version of the mixing technology that has the ability to split the mixing properties. Then we use ZK snarks for proof of ownership. So, basically, transactions take place in multi-tiered pools. And, and then the data disclosure method shows another ZK snark circuit, which is primarily designed to provide a verifier to verify that certain data conditions are met on the plant network. And when it comes to compliance, it’s our first use case, and in ZK’s descriptions it goes into production, which seems to be just the beginning.

City Skeptics say private networks using Zero Knowledge Cryptography could be a facilitator of illegal transactions. What do you think about it?

Ogg In my opinion, if you build technology and you do not intend to help and encourage crime, you will not commit any crime. But why privacy? Our white paper has this; The main thing is that the actors in the cast behave differently than the others. In other words, the true nature of our communities is influenced by appearances. So there must be some bad actors.

But I have never seen a gun go to trial. Do not put tools on test; You bring people to justice. And our global community, with all the tools and technologies that we use, is that if the device benefits the masses more than the minorities who abuse it. And if it weren’t for that, I’re not sure if we would have any kitchen knives because the knife is used for criminal purposes by a few. So, it is arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in American cuisine.