Palomar College News-Foundation received $ 102,431 in funding for medical education technology

July 30, 2021

The Konrad Privacy Foundation has approved funding for the Palomar College Foundation to purchase advanced training equipment for the college’s first responders.

San Marcos – With the overwhelming support of the Conrad Privacy Foundation, Palomar College students will have new technology that will help them succeed in training by pursuing their initial responses.

The Palomar College Foundation announced that the $ 102,431 grant application was approved by the Conrad Privilege Foundation. The money will be used to purchase a full-body Trauma F / X simulation manicure for use in Palomar College Nursing and Emergency Medical Education (EME) programs.

For her part, the Foundation’s Director General, Stacey Ruugitus, said: This is the largest donation from the Conrad Privacy Foundation in our history.

Impersonators have become an integral part of emergency medical training in recent years, allowing students to practice life-changing medical conditions and learn critical medical interventions under pressure. They are designed for physical fidelity, proper weight and mood and medical response during exercise.

“Our students will benefit greatly from these collaborations, and this funding will provide in-depth training, which will benefit our first responding programs for years to come,” said Dr. Star Rivera-Lassi, president of Palomar College. We thank the Conrad Privacy Foundation for its generous funding.

“This funding will ensure its mission to overcome obstacles and provide the necessary educational resources,” said Pete Rogers, chairman of the board of directors of the Palomar College Foundation. We are proud to partner with the Conrad Private Foundation for this gift of change.

Linn Conrad Privis, who passed away in 2016, was a San Diego real estate developer and philanthropist. “The Conrad Privacy Foundation is committed to meeting the needs of the community through funding and strategic initiatives that will affect the areas of vision and performance, higher education, youth development, health care and medical research,” the website said.

This press release was published by Palomar College News. The views expressed herein are those of the author.

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