Pakistani scientist AK Khan dies at 85

Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadir Khan, who helped his country build its first atomic bomb, died on Sunday. He was 85.

Dr. Khan is widely regarded as a hero by making Pakistan the only nuclear-armed country in the Islamic world and defending its nuclear-armed rival India.

Conducted a secret network that sells nuclear-weapon technology overseas. Libya, Iran and North Korea, all of which are enemies of the United States, have benefited from its expertise.

AQ Khan is widely regarded as a hero in making Pakistan the only nuclear-armed country in the Islamic world and providing protection to India.


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A state funeral will be held in the Pakistani capital Islamabad on Sunday. The national flag was ordered to be waved by half of the workers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has praised Pakistan for its “significant contribution” to the development of nuclear weapons. “This has given us security over a very powerful nuclear neighbor. It was a national symbol for the people of Pakistan, ”he said On Twitter.

According to doctors who treated Dr. Khan, he died of respiratory problems after being infected with CV-19.

Feroz Khan, a former officer in Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, has now established an international network to acquire the necessary equipment. Bomb assembly.

“Without Dr. Aak Khan, Pakistan would not have had a nuclear weapon,” he said. But his behavior has jeopardized Pakistan’s program.

In the 1970s and 1980s, he used the network of merchants and companies around Pakistan to acquire nuclear technology, and then copied that same web and sold his knowledge to other countries for personal gain.

The United States has been embroiled in a controversy over Pakistan’s Dr. Khan. He was arrested in 2004. He acknowledged his role in the global expansion of national television.

He spent the rest of his life in a comfortable villa in Islamabad, under the protection of heavily armed military personnel. He has never been charged with any crime.

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