Oz Media, once an investor race, closes in a fast-paced situation

In an article in The Times on Thursday, Amy Award-winning executive Brad Bessie and longtime TV presenter Heidi Clementes said they were misled by Oz’s executives during The Carlos Watson Show during Mr. Watson’s speech. Show, to the company. In particular, executives told them that the show would be aired on cable network A and E. When Mr. Bessie realized that no such agreement was in place, he resigned, and the show appeared on YouTube and Oz.

And this week – advertisers, including Chevrolet, Walmart, Facebook, Target and Goldman Sachs – hit the brakes on their spending with Oz when they paid for a place on the Carlos Watson show.

On Friday afternoon, Mr Watson and the rest of the board, Michael Moe (another major investor who published a book, Finding Next Starbucks), said the company could not recover. Through a spokesperson.

Watson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

CNN, Insider and other publications reported that working conditions in Oz were difficult this week, and The Times, along with other publications, raised questions about the company’s audience for the company’s videos and website.

Oz’s staff reported that the company was not available on Friday afternoon. “In this company, it is heartbreaking to see journalism pouring into their hearts and souls in situations that are often exhausting, sometimes hostile, and gaining a large audience,” he said. In an interview shortly after she received the word.

“We are all amazed at the level of leadership deception, but I stand 100% with the journalism and the people who work there,” said Nick Furezos, an OZ reporter in June. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

On Friday, Mr. Furezos feared that journalists would take their articles offline and risk losing their jobs.

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