Outside the Virginia Tech Lane Stadium, another grass war continues

Blacksburg – Wars are taking place on the field, but they have been going on for years.

The 11.5-hectare old growth forest, east of the football stadium, owned by Virginia Tech, known as Stadium Woods, has been the subject of controversy in Blacksburg for the past decade.

A large group of local citizens In 2011, he launched the “Save the Stadium” campaign, which successfully prevented the university from building a new football training facility in the jungle. The forest, with more than 400 years of old trees, was eventually rebuilt.

The videos used as a way to get to the stadiums and the YouTube documentary “This is the Center” highlighted a large student tail near his words and called for action by a few people. They want to see a change.

Rebekah Polsen, a Blacksburg resident and the leader of that effort, the general manager of the Stadium Wood teammates, is once again focusing on the forest, and she believes that the student-led giant tail is not only dangerous but also dangerous. Natural habitat near the stadium, but for those attending mass meetings.

According to Paulson, the student’s tail, which attracts thousands of people on Central Avenue, was first noticed in 2018, and the size of the parties has only grown since then.


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