Out of the world with the new Sony headphones

Before I start talking about a new product I have been using for the past two weeks, here is the word of faith. I love Airbus. I’m so used to it, I’m not even aware that I’ve watching work, going to the bathroom, sometimes watching TV, and so on. They have become a habit.

So, can a new set of headphones make me drop AirPods? Suppose I do not use noise-canceling AirPod Pro, so this may be an unfair comparison. Still, the new Sony WF-1000XM4 is slowly changing, prompting me to work on the converter continuously.

Price is 19,990 Birr

Battery life 5.5 hours with ANC

Weight: 41 g
Waterproof rating: IPX4
Application: Sony headset connection

Here are some new headphones that have a more sophisticated name than Sony. Sony, 2022, now is the time to renew your name for the best gadgets! For the purpose of this review, we call them the new Sony headphones.

Priced at Rs 19,990, the unit is very competitive. Pair it with the Sony Headset Link app, which will help you learn how to set up your new headphones right away.


The new Sony headphones look stylish and elegant and are lighter than previous versions. The gray color of boring gold accents makes them look beautiful and light enough to carry anywhere. If you are a fan of AirPods, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the size of the Sony headset, which is why it is important to install it right into your ear to enjoy sound quality. It may take a few minutes to adjust to the new headphones, but you do not have to worry about losing your headphones once you do. They are small and lightweight and are very comfortable once installed. You will also find some extra useful seals in the box.


I paired my Sony headphones with my iPhone and was preparing myself for frustration because I knew I would lack some features. Only Android phones can use Sony LCD codec to transfer music wirelessly. Am I confused? LCD is Sony’s proprietary audio technology that allows you to enjoy high quality wireless audio over Bluetooth. So Apple users who have invested in new Sony earbuds will miss this feature.

Having said that, the new processor V1 offers crystal-clear audio. I’m guilty of using content only on my phone and any action movie, melody or documentary made Sony’s headphones fun to eat. As I watched the new Netflix documentary, I saw my husband swinging his arms around me!

Make no mistake about it, the noise is not so loud that you feel like you are in a bubble. Here is a comment: If you are in public and do not want to hear the noise of your daily life, turn on ANC. Turn it off in the office unless you want your coworkers to pay attention.

Thanks for the talk-to-chat feature that allows you to chat with headphones. This means that if someone wants to talk to you while you are immersed in your favorite tunes, the headphones will pause the music for nothing. You can ask and continue talking. This feature is very recognizable and has worked well for me 6 out of 10 times which is not bad at all.

The feature that appears on the headphone jack application is something called “adaptive volume control”. The new Sony headphones can be adapted to the “listening experience” of the listener environment. When I went from office to office, there were changes in the sound quality, and here are some of the best software innovations, though not very expensive.

I walked up the hill with these headphones and a boy, oh boy, there was something so free to watch as ANC turned on, hills and valleys to listen to the prairie music on Sony headphones. I’m not lying, Sony headphones worked better than my AirPods. Exercise becomes more comfortable over time, and listening for long hours can be like a breeze.

But how long is enough?

Battery life

Sony says the new headphones will give you 32 hours of uninterrupted listening. Now this is a big claim. And Sony will win big on this front. If battery life is your deal-clincher, these are the best ANC headphones on the market. You get about 5.5 hours of charging with ANC and then you can click back on the beautiful charger for 20 hours of amazing listening. At this price point, he wins the race and Sony deserves that applause.

Is the price tag appropriate?

They say the sound quality is real. What looks good to me may not be so great to you. But even then, the new Sony headphones left little room for complacency. The sound quality is excellent and gives strong competition to AirPods. Comfortability, stellar battery life and additional features guarantee Rs 19,990. As always, everyone will move on to older Apple and Android arguments. Apple loyalists may still forget about the AirPods Pro but if you can listen to the Sony WF-1000XM4 you can be sure to switch!


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