Oscela County looks to the future of high technology with the development of Niocy

OSCEOLA County, Fla. – Ossela County commissioners are expected to vote to approve a special contract that will further develop Newosine.

“We want people to raise their children in Ossela County, but those children will not be able to go to school, go back to work, leave Osesela County and leave their families to earn high-paying jobs,” said the county commissioner. There is Cheryl Gribb.

Griib said regional leaders have been working on the development since 2014.

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“We really needed to grow our economy in Ossela County. “I always tell people that we have tourism in the west and east, and none of them pay a lot of money,” Grib said.

Between Kismime and the Holy Cloud, on the shores of Lake Tohopecaliga, Neocy is expected to be a major contributor to high-tech innovation and creation.

“We are seeing about 4,000 direct jobs in New York City because it does not take into account all the indirect jobs,” says Grieb.

He said the skills needed would be in the technology and biochemistry industries.

“Although we do not currently have those individuals in Ossela County, that is part of our relationship with the University of New York at UCF, the University of Florida, and various other universities around the state,” Grieb said.

There are currently three buildings on the site. One is the creative history of a public high school with 550 students, with a variety of technologies developed and at Neocy City Academy.


“The concept teaches you a lot about STEM science, technology, engineering, math, and then you can work alongside some of the people who grow these unique sensors on Fab and get some real stuff. – Life experience, ”said Gribb.

According to Ossela County, more than $ 100 million has been put into development for the so-called “improvement center”. Commissioners are voting at a special time to negotiate a $ 1.2 billion investment agreement with a South Korean company for 25 hectares of land.

“It’s a mixed use area, where you can have fun, have your special coffee, live in a condominium and have a 5km walk around the pond,” Griib said. “It is a real city and not just any city, it will be a smart city. Therefore, it is the first of its kind. ”

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