‘One of the biggest frustrations of our game’ is the NRL to test technology

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

NRL secretly tested transmission technology at the end of last season and will be running test games and NRLW systems this month.

Soccer tracking technology has been used in the last weeks of the season, and the results have been kept secret by the governing body.

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But the technology was good enough for further research and the NRL is using it again this month, before making its final call for promotion to the Premier League.

The ARL Commission will have to approve the technology, which could be part of the game in a matter of months, but it could be delayed until next season.

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“For the past 12 months or so we have been working quietly with two different technologies for two companies,” said NRL Football Director Graham Anesley.

“The previous rule of thumb is not an easy solution because of the location of physics and cameras.

“We were looking for two very different solutions and we tried one behind several curtains at the end of last year.

“The alternative proposal will be blindly tested in several pre-season matches next month.

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Each package is rated 1-16 levels with a contingent contingent chink; The $ 1.2 million puzzle must be solved.

“This allows us to accurately assess the capabilities and accuracy of both technologies.

After the tests, we will discuss the results with the Commission and seek further guidance on further steps.

“While I’m unsure of the outcome at this stage, one of the biggest frustrations in our game is the potential to break even.”

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