On the worst day since October, David has dropped more than 700 points

The spread of coronavirus in the Delta and its potential impact on the global economy fell by more than 700 points on Monday – the worst meeting since October.

Oil prices have plummeted after government-backed oil companies and the Russian-led group of oil producers agreed to increase production.

The activities were reminiscent of the prevailing trade patterns in the early days of the epidemic. Investors sold the shares of companies directly affected by motions and trade restrictions when they bought government bonds and shares that benefited from the renewed locks.

American Airlines Group,

AAL -4.14%

United Airlines and Operator Carnival have all dropped from 4% to 6%. Power producers Marathon Oil and Diamond back energy have both declined by more than 5%.

The issued shares include the supermarket chain Kroger,

KR 4.34%

Shares rose 1.71 USD or 4.3% to $ 41.07. Online Crafts Marketplace ET ETC 3.20%

It earned $ 5.91 or $ 3.2% to $ 190.33.

“The market is either paused or dragged down,” said Hans Olsen, chief investor of Fidusia Trust.

Down, which was the worst day in nine months, dropped 725.81 points or 2.1% to 33962.04. The SDP 500 decreased by 68.67 or 1.6% to 4258.49. The technology’s hard-hitting Nasdaq merger fell 152.25 or 1.1% to 14274.98; The fifth consecutive loss has been reduced. The U.S. stock index fell sharply on Monday after a slowdown last week.

On 10-year treasury, the stock fell 1.181% – the lowest since February – 1.30% on Friday. Bond prices fall when bond prices fall.

Globally, the future of Brent crude has dropped from 6.8% to $ 68.62 a barrel, the lowest level since May.

Coronavirus cases in many parts of the world, including high-vaccinated countries such as the United Kingdom, have left economic prospects in the coming months. Last week, most of California’s most populous counties reintroduced masks or recommended wearing masks at home to combat delta diversity.

“The emergence of this highly translucent Delta difference has put the question of reopening and sustainability into question,” said Feyera Capital Portfolio Manager. She said the difference is still slowing down rather than hindering large-scale pickup in economic activity and has given the opportunity to gather the share of energy producers, industrial enterprises and financial companies.

In the recent 13 years of inflation, the United States has been embroiled in controversy over whether to enter a period similar to that of the 1970s.

Despite Monday’s distribution, the SDP 500 closed more than 13% this year and closed a week ago.

Some investors are also worried that rising prices will push down the central bank’s stimulus, which will lead to lower growth and higher inflation.

Inflation in the United States accelerated for 13 years in June. According to some reports, inflation has begun to undermine consumers’ ability to sustain their spending. Linn By 2021, most businesses will be opened, vaccinations will be increased, and government outbreaks will help boost consumer spending, which is a major driver of the economy.

“What you are seeing is a feeling that the consumer is beginning to feel strongly,” says Sebastian Galli, a senior macro strategist at Nordia Property Management.

All S&P 500 sectors declined Monday. Power and finance were the worst performing teams.

One bright spot was five 9,

FIVN 5.92%

$ 10.52 or 5.9% jumped to $ 188.12. Zoom Video Connections ZM -2.15%

The company has agreed to purchase a $ 14.7 billion cloud-based customer service software provider. Magnification shares traded $ 7.77 or 2.2% to $ 354.20.

According to the Bureau of National Economic Research, the United States Officially out of recession in April 2020 The economic crisis caused by the epidemic is about two months long, making it short on record, the bureau said. .

Looking ahead, investors will be looking at how companies are moving in the wake of the resurgence of corporate revenue this week. Air carriers the United States and the United States are among hundreds of companies set to report quarterly results with Intel this week.,

INTC -0.60%

Netflix NFLX 0.37%

And Chi hip Tol Mexican Grill.

CMG -0.60%

Overseas major stock markets retreated for fear of delta differences. Stockx Europe 600 slides 2.3%, towed by travel, entertainment and merchandise companies as well as bank stocks.

Asian technology giants Alibaba and Tencent, Hong Kong, fell 1.8% by the Hang Sing Index.

Widespread accusations of QD-19 in many parts of the world have prompted investors to call for economic growth.


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Japan’s Nikki is down 225 1.3%. Additional athletes and staff members who participated in the Tokyo Olympics have been positively examined and Indonesia’s situation is deteriorating. Sydney, Australia’s most populous country, has been overrun by the Delta.

For his part, David Cho, marketing strategist at Invenco, said Delta’s diverse Asia distribution has “lifted the wind for many economists” in anticipation of low vaccination rates and further social distance measures. The region

Mr Chaw said investors would continue to withdraw money from Asian stocks and expect them to move to stocks in high-volume vaccine markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

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