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Ora Electric is preparing to launch its first electric scooter, dubbed the Aura Series S in August. The company was the mother of the first electronic scooter details; Tech 2 Earlier, it was revealed that scooters would be sold online and delivered directly to the buyer, and that the adjusted battery and the expected range would be up to 150 km. Currently, Aura electric scooters are also eligible for more than 50,000 rupees under the center’s FAME-II program.

Ola electric battery capacity to help claim large FAME-II subsidies

For starters, the Ola Series S-Scooter is based on the Upcoator, developed by the Dutch launch ethergo by Ola Electric in 2020. They cannot be fixed here. Tech 2 The high-end Ola e-Scooter battery capacity is expected to be 3.6 kW. I realized he was close. It is one of the largest electric motorcycles sold in India today.

Tech 2 I realized that the battery capacity of the Aura Electric Scooter is close to 3.6 kW. Image – Ola Electric / Tech 2

In June, the Center’s updated FAME-II program increased the incentive for electric motorcycles by kWh (up to 10,000,000 kWh) and increased the subsidy limit to 40% for motorcycles. This means that an electronic motorcycle with a factory price of up to 1.50 rolls will be eligible for a FAME-II subsidy of up to 60,000 rolls if it has a 4kW battery. Considering its potential, the OlaS1 Pro may be eligible for FAME-II incentives around Rs. 51,000-52,000.

How subsidies affect the price of Aura electric scooters

Recognizing that more than 1.50 lakh (factory default) electric motors are not eligible for incentives, Ola Electric will avoid violating that number when using the S1 Pro alternative. .. Although the price of the prefabricated unit is slightly higher than the factory price, the FAME-II subsidy will bring the effective price of just over 10,000 rubles to the end buyer. Of course, this means that if Aura chooses to lower the price of the S1 Pro to less than 1.50, the final price may be less than 1.

The Aura Electric Scooter has a wide range of variations up to 150 km in the real world.

Also remember the state incentives for electric motorcycles. Many states have listed EV policies in Delhi. Gujarat Maharashtra is currently offering great incentives for electric motorcycle buyers. Currently, the largest offer for A-two-wheelers in Gujarat is 20,000 rubles, and 25,000 reais in Maharashtra. These directly affect the price of Aura electric scooters. It can be found in these states at very low prices throughout India.

Launch of Aura Electric Scooter, Details of Tasks

The launch date for the Aura Electric Scooter will be announced in the coming days and the price will be announced in August. The Ola Electric Series S-Scooter claims to have the largest footprint in the category and has two half-face helmets. A total of 10 color options are available.

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Ola Electric Scooter Over 50,000 Technology News

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