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Ohio University offers vocational training for business graduates

Ohio University College of Business, in partnership with Randstad RiseSmart, provides career guidance for graduating students in their final semester programs. This partnership is considered to be the first of its kind between a higher education institution and companies such as RiseSmart, which provides training and tools for staff in both vocational and employee restructuring.

The university said in a statement that the main reasons for pursuing postgraduate education in OHIO programs are its desire to improve life opportunities.

Dean of the College of Business, Jackie Reis Umermer, said: “While we are not committed to getting the academic knowledge we need, we provide meaningful professional support to a variety of students and RiseSmart is in a unique position to assist in this regard.”

The partnership with RiseSmart provides a four-month period for student acceleration teams, including individual professional trainers, brand experts and professional assistants. It also includes lifetime job training sessions and RiseSmart Spotlight Technology Forum, which provides job search resources, job opportunities, personal reviews and webinars.

The program was piloted last year and received positive feedback from students, the university said. A full launch for October 2021 for Professional and Online Program students and for Housing Program students in November. Tools and resources are available online 24/7; Training is provided by video or telephone and allows students to access their coaches and job search resources anywhere, anytime.

An Ohio student, Anna Arhin, is scheduled to meet with a professional MBA later this month to focus on business analytics and participate in a pilot program on her experimental-growth ambitions. When she first started postgraduate school, she said, she changed her focus and focus on work.

“One of the reasons I enrolled in MBA was to become a data scientist,” she said. Meeting with RiseSmart representatives in the pilot program helped her adjust her approach to achieving her career goals.

“The biggest immediate impact has been on my writing and career development,” Arhin said. “We’ve gone through the rhythm text, and it has helped make formatting look good and giving suggestions.”

Arhin received her professional transfer, but instead of promoting, she became a senior data analyst at another company. “I really enjoyed working with RiseSmart,” she said.

According to a university news report, several students said the training they received from RiseSmart was valuable. One-on-one training provides individual services to address each individual’s unique needs and challenges.

Professional coaches with a new degree can help them overcome psychological, strategic and tactical challenges such as overcoming anxiety and building self-confidence, determining the type of roles that fit their interests and skill sets, and writing professional value propositions. Work experience, practice the art of effective interviewing, and understand how to negotiate wages.

“RiseSmart is an industry leader in coaching and career transitions and is able to provide a high level of support to students regardless of their location, experience, or goals,” said Dean Carrie Leman, assistant professor at the college’s postgraduate and professional programs. Of business. “This partnership will make us more competitive than similar graduate programs and show that Ohio University is a place for students to get a job or resume.”

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