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Boston- (Business Wire) – August 3, 2021-

O’Shares ETFs OGIG is proud of its 3-year anniversary, an annual performance of 30.81% (up to 6/30/2021) and a growth of nearly $ 700 million.

Linn OGIG’s performance in 2020 + 107% made it one of the highest performing ETFs of the year. CEO O’Brien said: “OGIG’s performance reflects the portfolio of large cap e-commerce and Internet companies, driven by innovation and selected for strong revenue growth. Instead of displaying slow-moving technology indicators, OGIG was created to provide a unique way for us investors to invest in these fast-growing companies. The OGIG Index focused on revenue growth earlier in the day to identify stocks such as Zoom, Shopify, Mercadolibre, Twilio and others. We are pleased with OGIG’s performance for investors. ”

Chairman O’Connor said, “OG is the world’s largest development destination because it contains a large number of innovative and fast-growing capitals that will lead the digital transition of the US and the world economy.” The 12-month revenue growth in the OGIG portfolio was over 40% since 6/30/2021. These are the companies that I believe will control the growth of the world for years. ”

Hosted by O’Shares ETFs for consultants and investors, the OGIG Big Tech Event, Kevin O’Leary, Conner O’Brien and Jeff Towson, an Asian tech strategist, focuses on the biggest tech trends in the US and China. Famous author, analyst and professor.

  • When – August 5 from 10:00 p.m.
  • How: Visit oshares.com/live-aug5 to register
  • What: Live streaming. Big tech trends and strategy discussion

A unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and perspectives on the biggest tech and e-commerce in the United States and China.

OGIG’s performance reflects the portfolio of selected 80 and e-commerce and Internet technology stocks with the goal of providing quality and revenue growth. See standardized performance for OGIG.

The specified performance data represent past performance and are not a guarantee for future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than specified performance data. When an investor’s shares are redeemed, the return and capital value of the investment fluctuate so that they are worth more or less than the original value. Returns less than one year are not annual. For the latest performance of the month, please visit oshares.com.

OGIG is a quality and growth strategy designed to provide access to the Internet technology and e-commerce shares provided by O’Shares ETF investments, including OUSA, OUSM and OEUR.

OGIG is an exchange trading fund (ETF) that seeks to monitor the performance of O’Shares International Internet giant index (“Target Index”) (before payment and expenses). The target index, developed by O’Shares Investment Advisors, LLC, is a legal index designed to provide quality tracking and growth traits in the “Internet sector”. ‘Shares Investment Advisors, LLC. S-Network Global Indexes, Inc. , An independent third party, is responsible for the continued maintenance, compilation, calculation and management of the Directory.

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  1. As of 7/29/2021, OGIG is owned by Zoom Video Communications (ZM), 1.91% by Shopify (SHOP), 1.90% by Mercadolibre (MELI) and 1.35% by Twilio (TWLO).
  2. See all OGIG Holdings

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Focusing on an industry or sector can lead to financial losses due to adverse events that may affect that industry or sector. The funds may be used for products that may or may not have risks associated with conventional investments. A fund’s emphasis on for-profit shares includes the risk that such shares will be unpopular with investors and that the market will be in poor performance. A company fund may also reduce or eliminate dividends after purchasing a guarantee for such a company. Returns on investments in foreign security may be more volatile than investments in US securities. Exposure to foreign guarantees poses special risks, including political, diplomatic, economic, foreign exchange and trade risks. In addition, investments of one fund in other currencies may be depreciated by the exchange rate of the US dollar, which may affect the return of funds. Look at the forecast for certain risks regarding the money.

Companies involved in Internet technology and e-commerce are at risk for the rapid growth in technology, the aging of current products and services, the limited lifespan of ownership and the constant threat of global competition and competition.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Shares are bought and sold at market value (not NAV), cannot be redeemed individually, and shareholders can acquire those shares from the fund and purchase those shares for only 50,000 shares in the courtroom. Broker commissions reduce returns. Stock prices may be NAV, lower or higher. Market reimbursement is based on the bidding center at 4:00 PM (Western time (NAV normally determined)), and does not represent the returns you will receive if you trade stocks at other times.

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