NZ Technology Company Hacked, Information Stolen

A New Zealand IT company specializing in online security has been hijacked.

ITCo, based in Rotorua, said in early February that it was the subject of a Renaissance cyber attack.

Defendants allege that they stole more than 4 GB of data.

“The attack has temporarily affected some of our systems, and once the scale of the attack is known, a progressive reform process will begin immediately,” an ITCO spokesman said.

“We did not contact the respondents”

According to ITCO, the company’s services serve more than “a group of twenty-six employees in thousands of businesses in New Zealand and overseas.”

“We have informed all relevant authorities and we will continue to follow the advice of the Office of the Special Enforcement, the National Police and the Office of the Commissioner of Privacy.

“We are conducting an in-depth assessment of this attack to prevent future threats.”

The hacking group claimed responsibility for posting 4.56 gigabytes of data on the Internet.

1 News has decided not to name the group or the type of software used, but international experts say it is linked to “Russian-speaking cybercriminals.”

There were no reports of attacks in New Zealand or Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Office of the Commissioner of Privacy has confirmed the attack.

“As with any breach, iTCo must investigate to fully determine the extent and extent of the breach.”

“At these early stages, our focus is on advising agencies on how to reduce individual abuse.”

The New Zealand National Cyber ​​Security Center has issued a statement warning Russia that cyber-attacks are on the rise in Ukraine.

“Malicious cybercrime in Aotearoa shows global trends.”

“This could have a significant impact, even on countries and organizations that are not directly affected.”


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