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Australia has opted out of a $ 90 billion deal with France over 12 oil tankers and opted to build a nuclear ship with the United Kingdom and the United States. It is the right time.

The new submarine is far more efficient than previously planned and could represent great success for contractors in the British and US defense industries.

Inspiration – Diesel vs Nuclear

The main difference between the new submarines, designed for operation in France, is the use of marine technology. The ship from France was based on a nuclear power plant called Barakuda, which had to be powered by an electric motor.

One of the benefits is that diesel submarines are smaller and can operate quieter, depending on the diesel engine and battery power. However, in order for the damage to be recharged, the boat must normally go up to run the diesel engine. This is called “smelling” surgery.

Nuclear submarines, on the other hand, are designed for durability. They include nuclear power plants that generate electricity for electric motors and electric motors to run propellers. Alternatively, the heat from a nuclear power plant can be used to generate steam.

Australia has first selected diesel electric submarines to replace its own conventional power Collins-submarine submarines.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who will be debating Australia’s decision this week, told French President Emmanuel Macron in June: “Traditional submarine capabilities will meet Australia’s strategic security needs in the Indo-Pacific. There is a real problem with this. “

However, in the absence of critical infrastructure in Australia, the choice of a nuclear route is not without its challenges.

Trevor Taylor “Tank Tank” at the Royal United Services Institute in the United Kingdom

Secret and knowing

The great advantage of nuclear submarines is that they can be submerged in water for long periods of time. Traditional power ships do not have the same territory without being exposed to the surface. Nuclear submarines can hold enough fuel for up to 30 years and only need to be returned to the port for maintenance and supply.

Nuclear submarines are “more complex man-made, more complex than spacecraft,” says one defense expert. Behind you is a nuclear power plant, front and center mines, a hotel where people live, and everything is submerged in water for months at a time.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it could be based on a British submarine built by BAE Systems or a nuclear submarine of the United States Navy, which is built by the United States General Dynamics Electric Boat and Newport News.

One of the key questions is how the British and American ships of Silence and Sonar skills are offered to Australians.

Weapon capability

Australia will significantly increase its weapons capabilities under a tripartite agreement.

Richard Fontaine, director of the New American Safety Center, said Australia would deploy standard missiles on French submarines.

The decision to acquire a Tomahawk missile capable of launching either a ship or a submarine shows a significant increase in Australia’s capabilities.

Tomahawk transforms the water-Shanghai ship into a strategic asset capable of targeting land-based military cargo over a thousand miles. This new payload will significantly improve the Australian Navy’s traditional offensive capabilities. Eric Sayers, a defense expert at the American Enterprise Institute, said.

According to Seers, Canberra continues to work with the United States to acquire anti-ship weapons from the H-18 fighters, including the MK48 torpedo and the LRASM missile. ..

In any conflict, Tomahax will give Australia more power to achieve China’s goals. This is important. Because the United States and its ally China have less military assets than China.

“Tomahawk will open the door to long-range attacks on ground targets, including integrated air defense systems, missile defense systems and drone strikes,” he said.

U.S. Virginia-level nuclear submarine

Who will build the new submarine?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may have discussed the implications for the British industry, but defense officials say it is too early to tell what the deal will mean for the country’s contractors. ..

Nevertheless, there are some benefits.

Sash Tussa, an analyst at the agency’s partners, said the shortage of its own nuclear industry would require decades of support, including direct supply of nuclear fuel. “

BAE, which is building a Royal Navy ship at the Barrow-in-Fornes station in Cumbria in northwestern England, is considered to be in good condition. The company is constructing 26 refrigerators for Australians on a new Adelaide shipyard. Rolls-Royce, a propeller of British submarines, has the potential to build a nuclear power plant on Australian ships.

Russia’s Taylor has said that beginner ships are cheaper than US submarines, although Britain has its own problems with the program, which has been hampered by delays and rising costs.

How long will it take?

Australia’s Morrison said this week that the first nuclear submarine was to be launched. It will be built in Adelaide by 2040. Building submarines is a huge undertaking, and most programs are known to be budgeted late.

Britain’s new astronaut submarines may be modern, but their purchases quietly remind us that things are longer and more expensive than expected.

Nuclear Technology Behind the Australian Akus Submarine Agreement The Nuclear Technology Behind the Akusus Submarine Agreement in Australia

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