Northstar Clean Technologies certifies used technology to convert used shingles to “green asphalt”.

Delta, British Columbia – News Live – Northstar Clean Technologies Inc. Global Stock News Care

Northstar Clean Technologies Inc. GlobalStockNews Care

A.D. Fiber and sands during the conversion of shingles from garbage cans.

The company has a fully developed facility in Delta, BC and is steaming up its business process.

A.D. On February 17, 2022, Northwest announced the launch of a continuous production of the Empower Pilot Facility in the Delta.

According to the International Journal of Development Research, “stability means that the state is free from the initial conditions.”

“This announcement is a guarantee that our technology will work and that our business model will be approved,” said Aidan Mills, CEO of Northwest.

The ROOF business model expects four revenue streams to collect 1. TP payments (paid by landfills and roof contractors), 2. Asphalt sales, 3. Fiber sales and 4. Total sales. Carbon credit sales increase 5th in revenue.

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The operation confirms Northwest’s use of proprietary Bitumen Extraction & Separation Technology (BEST) on the basic design of the company’s future scalable facilities.

Current product profile

  • Liquid asphalt and aggregate accurately meet the requirements of the ROOF final product standard

  • Improving Permanent State Production provides a clear roadmap to supply 50-75 tons of commercial per day.

  • Provides detailed product analysis for detailed technical analysis for potential industry partners and customers

  • We are currently redeveloping a large asphalt shingle stock on site

“ESG-based pure technology company, one of the key metrics for any energy transition, is demonstrating that the transformation technology is working properly,” Mills said.

“Empower Pilot Facility is not only producing the final products we have planned, but we are also planning to do that over and over again,” Mills added.

Club economics is a hot topic for investment because it partially converts the normal control wind into a strong tail wind.

Northwest can offer value proposals to government agencies.

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“An increasing number of investors are incorporating their values ​​into their long-term investment strategy in the context of environmental, social and governance issues or ESG investment,” US News reported.

In 2021, it invested $ 120 billion in sustainable investments, doubling its $ 51.1 billion in ESG funds by 2020, setting a new annual record. And Gobi confirms that this upward trend is set to continue.

Participating in the circular economy is a meaningful way for a society to reduce its carbon footprint.

“The global context of reducing industrial carbon footprints is forcing companies to identify alternative renewables,” Mills said.

A.D. On November 9, 2021, Northwest announced the results of the Complete Carbon Dioxide Impact Lifting (LCA) Completion at Burgens Environmental Limited.

Key Ways to LLC

  • ROOF Enhancement Facility ensures a low-carbon, renewable industrial solution is “round”.

  • Estimated GHG is estimated at 121.94 kilograms of carbon dioxide per 1 ton of fodder, by shifting shingles from landfills and replacing virgin asphalt production with Empire facilities.

  • Net carbon dioxide emissions range from 1,500,000 kg to 3,000,000 kg of carbon dioxide depending on stable annual production.

According to the October 2021 Liquid Asphalt Survey by Kin Communications, the demand for asphalt in North America is currently high for interstate highways and roofing. . ”

“Because these shingles are petroleum-based, they are not environmentally friendly and their products not only aggravate greenhouse gas emissions but also waste energy,” the research report continued.

Mills said, “LLCA analysis shows how our customers and industry partners are supportive of providing circular and“ green ”renewable asphalt.

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Fixed State Production is expected to supply asphalt shingles in the range of 10-20 tons per week for 4-5 days. The purpose is to provide a repetitive product in terms of safety, quality and durability.

The two main products (liquid asphalt and aggregate) are being manufactured to meet the requirements of ROOF final product.

Northstar is supplying samples and aggregates of “Green Asphalt” to several major road construction companies, shingles manufacturers and other industry stakeholders.

ROOF has a clear roadmap for targeted product levels of 50-75 tons per day.

Northwest believes that each future facility could cost ~ 40,000 tons a year.

12 million tons of asphalt shingles are exported each year to North America, the equivalent of full-day US oil production.

It currently requires 300 facilities in North America to replace and recycle asphalt shingles.

Since IPO 7 months ago, ROOF has raised $ 12.3 million, started small batch production, Wellington Dupont has been working with governments, modular design, carbon reduction, hiring sustainability officer and permanent production.

“New companies often find it difficult to produce meaningful news,” says Guy Bennett, CEO of Global Stokes News. In seven months of trade, Northwest has recorded a series of stages, including state-of-the-art production – which brings them closer together. Business ”

In February and March 2022, Northwest will host Empire Facility visits to industry stakeholders, investors, media and government agencies to showcase the process and technology.

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