North Korea says it has tested satellite cameras.

By HYUNG-JIN KIM – Associated Press

Seoul, South Korea (AP) – North Korea said on Monday that it had tested cameras on a spy satellite, signaling that it would update its recently banned long-range rocket launcher and put more pressure on its weapons. Biden Management.

The United Nations and others are considering the North Space Launch Project as a testing ground for a missile technology test; This is because ballistic missiles and rockets embedded in satellite imagery share the same components, engines and other technologies. North Korea’s satellite launch threat comes after it threatened to lift a four-year arms embargo on a major weapons test to counter what the United States has recently called enmity.

According to the official Korea Central News Agency, Sunday’s test involved satellite and satellite imagery of a specific area of ​​the Earth. The test, which is said to be “very important for the production of reconnaissance satellites”, has released images of the Korean Peninsula.

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North Korea has not directly acknowledged that any missiles have been fired, but KNAA’s statement indicates that North Korea fired a rocket or missile to take space-based photos. Officials in the United States, South Korea and Japan said on Sunday that a new ballistic missile had been fired at North Korea for the eighth time this year.

According to Lee Chon Giyun, an honorary researcher at the South Korea Institute of Science and Technology Policy, the photos may have been taken while the missile was up or upside down. But Lee said he could not guarantee the quality of North Korean cameras because he did not release high-resolution satellite images.

After a series of setbacks, North Korea successfully launched its first satellite in 2012 and its second in 2016. North Korea says both of them are affected by its peaceful space development program.

According to Lee, North Korea built both satellites to spy on its rivals. He said the second satellite was still in Obit, but said there was no evidence that North Korea could send any images back to North Korea.

Experts say that the north-facing satellite cells are still improving their missile programs. A.D. In 2017, North Korea conducted three intercontinental ballistic missile tests, demonstrating its ability to attack the United States with nuclear weapons.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is one of the most advanced weapons in the world under a five-year plan to build a military base. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

According to Cheng Seong Chang, a private Sejong Institute in South Korea, North Korea is expected to be hit by a rocket-laden satellite at a major political event in April.

Washington’s strained relations with Moscow and Beijing – both vetoed by the UN Security Council – have prompted the United Nations to impose further sanctions on North Korea over its satellite imagery. Tensions remain high as North Korea intensifies US military exercises with South Korea

In January, North Korea tested a variety of missiles and hinted at resuming long-range and nuclear tests that could reach Guam in the US-Pacific region. North Korea’s actions have been seen as a bid to control weapons technology as North Korea moves to offer sanctions such as sanctions and increase its benefits in future negotiations with Washington.

Some observers have suggested that North Korea could use the US-led invasion of Ukraine as an opportunity to “speed up” the test.

According to Japanese estimates, the North Korean missile fired about 600 kilometers (370 miles) some 300 miles (3000 miles) on Sunday before landing on the east coast of North Korea.

Lee said he needed a more powerful rocket to launch the Northwest reconnaissance satellite.

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