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North Korea still has the same 3G network, but the new report says the country could use it. 5G technology for border control purposes.

Daily NK. The North Korean government plans to use “advanced” control this week. Border with China.

According to the source, North Korean officials “plan to use 5G mobile communication technology to monitor the situation along the border with North Korea.”

The report also said that North Korea has already built a 5G network, surveillance cameras have been set up near the Nile, and cameras are available every 100 meters. .. According to the camera, it is administered by the Department of Homeland Security Operations. Daily NK...

Since the outbreak, North Korea has continued to demand zero cholera cases, but there have been various crises on the North Korean-Chinese border, ranging from smuggling to the threat of coronavirus.

Although the technology is to monitor the border with China, it is the source of the technology.

I understand that China has agreed to cooperate. [with North Korea] Beijing In 2019, it was operating a 5G network near the border. “The second source. Daily NK... “North Korea acquires 5G communication equipment [from China] At that time. “Therefore, the 5G monitoring plan was before the epidemic.

However, history shows that 5G surveillance was already underway along the Chinese border.

North Korea’s mobile network infrastructure is relatively ancient; Daily NK. “Research into the adoption of 5G mobile communication technology must be strengthened,” he said, citing a publication from North Korea’s Encyclopedia General Encyclopedia last year.

However, there are indications that North Korea is having trouble jumping from 3G networks to 5G. Without using 4G / LTE.

Due to domestic economic conditions and international sanctions, it will be difficult to build a 5G network in North Korea’s capitals, an academic said. He said. However, if the administration gets the equipment it needs, it may be able to introduce 5G capabilities in some areas.

“5G is not a logical communication system for spying networks,” explained Kim Yu-Hayan, a professor of North Korean studies at Seoul.

If you are sending video from Pyongyang to the border, you may be using 5G to capture video information on the border, but you will eventually send it to Pyongyang using a wired network. I am. “

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